Steve Bicknell 1969

23 mars 2010
A true pioneer and producer of UK techno,always coming up with new sounds for the dancefloor.As a DJ Steve is a connoisseur of dance music which pretty much sums up the "Lost" parties,hosted for nearly 20 years by himself and his partner Sheree.
(does anybody remember the Planetary Assault systems "in from the night" remix done by Steve? Where the track has breakdowns he put spinbacks,sounded ace.If released it would have sold thousands of copies at the time,but thats not what Steves about,he's all about "keeping it real" and long may it live.When I asked Steve about that remix he said he gave it to Juan Atkins...oh well

Steve Bicknell marc23133

12 octobre 2010
he also remixed luke slater's "freek funk" (on mute) to great effect, while both of them contributed far and away the best remixes for the advent.

Steve Bicknell as reviewed by nilzmenace

7 avril 2005
edité over 14 years ago
One of the true Gods of minimal techno. His tracks might seem so monotone that they are boring at first but when you listen more closely you discover the man is a genius. The tracks change in a subtle way making them real hypnotic.
If you consider yourself to be a techno dj, Steve Bicknell records should be in your flightcase each and every time.

Steve Bicknell marc23133

14 octobre 2010
i think genius might be stretching things a bit far, but the manner in which he and sheree have aided and abetted the london techno scene is certainly worthy of the utmost respect, and a big hug and wet sloppy kiss whenever i see the pair of them.

lost has a worldwide reputation, and rightly so, i started going just after they moved down from that place opposite the old daily mirror building on holborn to the vox, and was an instant convert. i made up my mind after about the third visit that i would make a track which would be played at lost, and eventually i did, and even though i had got to know steve and sheree by then, he played it without knowing it was me, and at peaktime too; it was on my 38th birthday at that place opposite the mi5 building at vauxhall. i can't express how it felt to see hundreds of people going nuts to a tune i'd done at home on my computer, and steve liked it so much he wore out his copy and i gave him mine, and it was the last one and i haven't even got it myself.

i only missed one or two lost and burundi things for about 12 years, steve played quite a few of my tunes during that time, and every time he did, i was SO pleased, i felt i had accomplished what i had set out to do.

on steve's best tracks, there's one on the ? and for ! double pack (b2 possibly) which is up there (especially half-beat mixing two copies); i'd have to play through them to pick out others, unless you know if there's a bunch of them online anywhere ?

sadly, my arthritic ankle has stopped me going out, but i am determined to get along to one sooner or later; look for the old geezer with a walking stick !