Morbid Angel


Death metal band based in Tampa, Florida.

Formative genetic material of death metal, Morbid Angel formed in 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and recorded its first album "Abominations Of Desolation" in 1986 (albeit not released until 1991), being inspired by Slayer but eventually moving on to more progressive works with the genre-definitive "Blessed Are the Sick" in 1991. Progressive, rhythmic, complex and evil death metal with lyrics well-crafted from Sumerian and Lovecraftian domains. Not surprisingly, "Covenant" (1993) was the first death metal album released on a major label (Giant Records) as even musicians outside the genre found the band technically and artistically impressive.

Current line-up:
Trey Azagthoth (George Michel Emmanuel III): Guitar (1984 – )
Steve Tucker: Bass & vocals (1996–2001, 2003–2004, 2015 – )
Scott Fuller: Drums (2017– )
Dan Vadim Von: Guitar (2017– ) , Facebook , MySpace , Bandcamp , Instagram , Bandcamp , Wikipedia
Members:Chris Kontos, Dallas Ward, Daniel Vadim Von, David Vincent, Erik Rutan, George Michel Emmanuel III, Jared Anderson, John Ortega, Mike Browning, Pete Sandoval, Richard Brunelle, Scott Fuller (6), Sterling Von Scarborough, Steve Tucker, Thor Anders Myhren, Tim Yeung, Wayne Hartsell
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