As is par for the course in the Motor City electro scene, identities are unknown, but the emphasis on precise drum programming and effects sounds barely a year or two removed from the classic electric-funk days of 1982. Dopplereffekt debuted in 1995 with a mini-LP for Detroit's Dataphysix label, then released two EPs for the label during 1997: Infophysix and Sterilization. The countless German references reflect the group's fascination with the classic Kraftwerk sound. After "Sterilization" was included on several mix albums, DJ Hell contacted Dopplereffekt and released the Gesamtkunstwerk compilation through his international Deejay Gigolo label in 1999. The alias Japanese Telecom emerged in late 1999 to release the Rising Sun mini-LP through the once Ann Arbor-based Intuit-Solar Records. ~ John Bush
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GIGOLO 99 Dopplereffekt - Linear Accelerator illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Linear Accelerator (Album) International Deejay Gigolo Records GIGOLO 99 Germany 2003 Vendre cette version
CAT 191 LP Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Space illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Calabi Yau Space (Album) Rephlex CAT 191 LP UK 2007 Vendre cette version
LSR020 Dopplereffekt - Cellular Automata illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Cellular Automata (Album) Leisure System LSR020 Germany 2017 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

DX 001 Dopplereffekt - Fascist State illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Fascist State (EP) Dataphysix Engineering DX 001 US 1995 Vendre cette version
MDX Dopplereffekt - высший paca illustration d'album Dopplereffekt высший paca(7") Dataphysix Engineering MDX US 1995 Vendre cette version
DX 002 Dopplereffekt - Infophysix illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Infophysix Dataphysix Engineering DX 002 US 1996 Vendre cette version
DX003 Dopplereffekt - Sterilization [Racial Hygiene And Selective Breeding] illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Sterilization [Racial Hygiene And Selective Breeding] Dataphysix Engineering DX003 US 1997 Vendre cette version
GIGOLO 66, Gigolo 66 Dopplereffekt - Scientist Mixes illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Scientist Mixes International Deejay Gigolo Records, International Deejay Gigolo Records GIGOLO 66, Gigolo 66 Germany 2001 Vendre cette version
GIGOLO 99 Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino / Z-Boson illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Myon-Neutrino / Z-Boson International Deejay Gigolo Records GIGOLO 99 Germany 2002 Vendre cette version
LSR007 Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Tetrahymena (EP) Leisure System LSR007 Germany 2013 Vendre cette version
LSR012 Dopplereffekt - Hypnagogia illustration d'album Dopplereffekt // Objekt Dopplereffekt // Objekt - Hypnagogia Leisure System LSR012 Germany 2014 Vendre cette version
TRAJECTORY 1017 Dopplereffekt - Die Reisen illustration d'album Visonia Et Dopplereffekt Visonia Et Dopplereffekt - Die Reisen Last Known Trajectory TRAJECTORY 1017 UK 2013 Vendre cette version
none Dopplereffekt - Athanatos illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Athanatos Leisure System none 2018 Vendre cette version
PBX-32 Dopplereffekt - Star Gazing EP. illustration d'album K1* Featuring Dopplereffekt K1* Featuring Dopplereffekt - Star Gazing EP. (EP) Puzzlebox Records PBX-32 US 2021 Vendre cette version


CDSOUR 003, 7243 5 24436 2 8 Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Gesamtkunstwerk (Comp) International Deejay Gigolo Records CDSOUR 003, 7243 5 24436 2 8 France 1999 Vendre cette version

DJ Mixes

none Dopplereffekt Clone Records Takeover: Dopplereffekt(File, MP3, Mixed, 128) Rinse FM Podcasts none 2018


none Dopplereffekt - AI Module X3​-​120 illustration d'album Dopplereffekt AI Module X3​-​120(File, ALAC, 24 ) Not On Label (Dopplereffekt Self-released) none Germany 2019
none Dopplereffekt - Neuron Data Cell illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Neuron Data Cell(File, MP3, 320) Not On Label (Dopplereffekt Self-released) none Germany 2019
none Dopplereffekt - Dyson Sphere illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Dyson Sphere(File, MP3, 320) Not On Label (Dopplereffekt Self-released) none Germany 2020
none Dopplereffekt - Drake Equation illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Drake Equation(File, ALAC) Not On Label (Dopplereffekt Self-released) none Germany 2021
none Dopplereffekt - Hadron illustration d'album Dopplereffekt Hadron(File, ALAC) Not On Label (Dopplereffekt Self-released) none Germany 2021

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3 août 2001
edité over 20 years ago
Dopplereffekt are from Detroit. Their electro-style resembles that of Drexciya, though it feels colder and the production is better (at least when compared to Drexciya's masterpiece 'The Quest' which was recorded rather poorly). The record feels cold and clinical though at the same time it can be very funny: 'We had to Sterilize the Population' said by a robot-voice ranks amongst my favourite lyrics in any genre!
The music obviously reminds me of Kraftwerk, though the emphasis in their lyrics or songtitles tends more towards sex or (alien) domination (through technology). The music is dark, minimal, cold and funny at the same time. They apply their few sounds like a surgeon cuts with his knife (or razorblade for that matter!). Thus they achieve maximum impact upon the unwary listener. The music isn't fast as in 320bpm-fast, but it feels extraordinarily 'hard' and edgy. Strong stuff for sure. But served with the right amounts of irony and cynicism to top it off. Their Gesahmtkunstwerk really is a perfect record and one of the few worthy! extensions to Kraftwerk's own impressive catalogue. A classic! 10/10

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