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Pascal Arbez-Nicolas
French DJ and producer hailing from Dijon. He start his career on the french label Choice as Dima.
He is the founder of Citizen Records and Clivage Music.
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Vitalic - OK Cowboy illustration d'album Vitalic OK Cowboy (Album, Comp) Different, [PIAS] Recordings Belgium 2005 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - V Live illustration d'album Vitalic V Live (Album) Different, Different Japan 2007 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Flashmob illustration d'album Vitalic Flashmob (Album) Different, [PIAS] Recordings France 2009 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Rave Age illustration d'album Vitalic Rave Age (Album) Different, Different Hong Kong 2012 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Voyager illustration d'album Vitalic Voyager (Album) Clivage Music, Universal France 2017 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

Vitalic - Absolut illustration d'album Al Ferox & Vitalic Al Ferox & Vitalic - Absolut(12", W/Lbl, Sti) Dancefloor Killers France 2001 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Poney EP illustration d'album Vitalic Poney EP (EP) International Deejay Gigolo Records Germany 2001 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - To L'An-fer From Chicago illustration d'album DJ Tonio & Vitalic DJ Tonio & Vitalic - To L'An-fer From Chicago Error 404 France 2003 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Fanfares illustration d'album Vitalic Fanfares Different, [PIAS] Recordings France 2004 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - ONE OF EIGHT illustration d'album Gerd, Vitalic, Laurent Garnier Gerd, Vitalic, Laurent Garnier - ONE OF EIGHT(12", EP) Fuse Club Belgium 2004 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - My Friend Dario illustration d'album Vitalic My Friend Dario (Maxi) Different, [PIAS] Recordings France 2004 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - No Fun illustration d'album Vitalic No Fun (Maxi) Different, [PIAS] Recordings Belgium 2005 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Mix From The Debut Album "OK Cowboy" illustration d'album Vitalic Mix From The Debut Album "OK Cowboy"(CD, Mini, Promo) Different, Play It Again Sam [PIAS], Citizen Records Belgium 2005 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Bells EP illustration d'album Vitalic Bells EP (EP, Maxi) Different, Different Europe 2006 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Poney Part 1 illustration d'album Vitalic Poney Part 1(CD, Single, Enh, Promo) Different, [PIAS] Recordings, Citizen Records Europe 2006 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Disco Terminateur EP illustration d'album Vitalic Disco Terminateur EP (EP) Citizen Records, Citizen Records, Different, Different Belgium 2009 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Poison Lips illustration d'album Vitalic Poison Lips (Single) [PIAS] Recordings, Different UK 2009 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Second Lives illustration d'album Vitalic Second Lives (Maxi) [PIAS] Entertainment Group, Citizen Records, Different France 2010 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Stamina illustration d'album Vitalic Stamina (Single) Different, Different France 2012 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Fade Away (Remixes) illustration d'album Vitalic Fade Away (Remixes) (Single) Different, Different, Citizen records, Citizen records Europe 2013 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Altes Kamuffel illustration d'album Paul Kalkbrenner X Vitalic Paul Kalkbrenner X Vitalic - Altes Kamuffel Paul Kalkbrenner Musik Germany 2014 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Waiting For The Stars illustration d'album Vitalic Feat. David Shaw (3) Vitalic Feat. David Shaw (3) - Waiting For The Stars (Single) Clivage Music, Citizen Records France 2016 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Use It Or Lose It illustration d'album Vitalic Feat. Mark Kerr Vitalic Feat. Mark Kerr - Use It Or Lose It (Single) Clivage Music, Citizen Records UK & Europe 2016 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Film Noir illustration d'album Vitalic Film Noir(12") Correspondant Germany 2016 Vendre cette version
Vitalic - Tu Conmigo illustration d'album Vitalic Tu Conmigo (Single) Clivage Music Europe 2017 Vendre cette version

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24 janvier 2006
edité over 15 years ago
One of my favorite producer, Vitalic has an incredible sense of rythm and melody. He's got a awesome signature bassline that has this ability to make you dance like no one else. He is also a remarkable remixer. His remixes of Bolz Bolz, The Hacker, Scratch Massive, Daft Punk & Bjork really shows off his ability to turn any decent tune into a killer electro track.


26 avril 2003
Damn', when you hear each of Vitalic tracks, you feel yourself angry. Why?? Because it is hard to realize that somebody there has so much talent. Yeah, so much talent, because how come that with old-sounding electro synth, it ends up with a powerful, groovy, subtile track? You are used to that kind of synth in electro tunes; but how surprising to hear those same sounds with a mysterious construction which turn them into dancefloor-killers. yeah, really, I'm very mad about Vitalic. Such a talent is just too... arrogant :o) but I contain myself, and hope that Vitalic will release a lot of other tracks of that quality, for my own very selfish delight


27 janvier 2003
It's no mistake that Montreal DJ/artiste Tiga, faced with the task of whittling down International Deejay Gigolo's entire history into a single best-of CD, included not one but two tracks off Vitalic's one release, the classic "Poney" EP. As the other reviewers here can attest, every release and remix by this guy is worth picking up - dark, anthemic vocal techno with a hard, industrial edge. Can't wait for the album.


25 janvier 2003
i'm a dj for 5 years now. i've seen many dj's and producers but VITALIC beats them all. he didn't bring out much but everything is P.E.R.F.E.C.T !!! he creates a new style somewhere between elektro and techno and ist BEAUTIFULL!! the poney ep is the best record in all my cases! La rock 01 gives me a tremendes high-effect thats better than all drugs together!! RESPECT!


4 janvier 2003
One of the techno kings,for sure even if it's just 25 years old !!
this guy is a genius,an ep like poney ,with 4 amazing killing tracks is just incredible !!congratulations to mister dj hell to sign our best tekno leaders and giving them a chance to be famous because unfortunately techno isn't yet very popular in france in the clubbing-scene :/


29 septembre 2002
i cant get enuff of this guys tunes and remixes.every one jus feels epic,a crazy mix of electro and techno with crazy synth noises and warped vocals you jus know its him when you hear it.if you're into techno or electro check him out.

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