St Franck

Real Name:Franck Lada

Since his experience through a few musical projects across the channel (including one recorded with engineer and producer Nick Brine (Oasis, Stone Roses) or on bass for a few concerts in Saint Leonard Horse's (produced by Carl Barat of the Libertines), the music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Bordeaux St Franck releases his first EP "Gamma Wave" and a few scattered titles since 2018, weaving an electro-pop-rock-psychedelic journey, by drawing inspiration from the sounds of his record collection, his mind remains a whirlwind, sculpting complex dimensions and lush compositions, plunging you under silky bedsheets toward the world of dreams and the subconscious mind, with each note and each word, he encourages us to explore the depths of being and enables us in an inner quest.

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