Cocteau Twins

Scottish post-punk/ethereal/dream pop band formed in 1981 in Grangemouth, Falkirk and disbanded in 1997.
Variantes :


CAD 211 Cocteau Twins - Garlands illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Garlands (Album) 4AD CAD 211 New Zealand 1982 Vendre cette version
CAD 313, 58011 Cocteau Twins - Head Over Heels illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Head Over Heels (Album) 4AD CAD 313, 58011 Greece 1983 Vendre cette version
206 699, 206 699-620, 206 699-8 Cocteau Twins - Treasure illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Treasure (Album, EP) 4AD 206 699, 206 699-620, 206 699-8 Germany 1984 Vendre cette version
CADC 602 Cocteau Twins - Victorialand illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Victorialand (Album) 4AD CADC 602 New Zealand 1986 Vendre cette version
cad 807, CONTE 121 Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll (Album) 4AD cad 807, CONTE 121 Italy 1988 Vendre cette version
RTD 120.1187.2 Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas (Album) 4AD RTD 120.1187.2 Germany 1990 Vendre cette version
PHCR-65 Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Café illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Four-Calendar Café (Album) Fontana PHCR-65 Japan 1993 Vendre cette version
none Cocteau Twins - Milk & Kisses illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Milk & Kisses (Album) Fontana none US 1995 Vendre cette version
RCD 10497 Cocteau Twins - BBC Sessions illustration d'album Cocteau Twins BBC Sessions (Album) Bella Union RCD 10497 US 1999 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

BAD 213 Cocteau Twins - Lullabies illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Lullabies (EP, Maxi) 4AD BAD 213 UK 1982 Vendre cette version
AD 314 Cocteau Twins - Sugar Hiccup illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Sugar Hiccup 4AD AD 314 UK 1983 Vendre cette version
BAD 314 Cocteau Twins - Sunburst And Snowblind illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Sunburst And Snowblind (EP) 4AD BAD 314 UK 1983 Vendre cette version
151.109 Cocteau Twins - Peppermint Pig illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Peppermint Pig (EP, Single) 4AD 151.109 Netherlands 1983 Vendre cette version
none Cocteau Twins - Who's Fooling Who / Speak No Evil illustration d'album Thomas Leer / Cocteau Twins Thomas Leer / Cocteau Twins - Who's Fooling Who / Speak No Evil(Flexi, 7") Vinyl Magazine none Netherlands 1983 Vendre cette version
106 528 Cocteau Twins - The Spangle Maker illustration d'album Cocteau Twins The Spangle Maker (EP, Single, Maxi) 4AD 106 528 Europe 1984 Vendre cette version
602 062, 602 062-213 Cocteau Twins - Echoes In A Shallow Bay illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Echoes In A Shallow Bay (EP, Single) 4AD 602 062, 602 062-213 Europe 1985 Vendre cette version
VINX 100 Cocteau Twins - Tiny Dynamine illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Tiny Dynamine (EP) 4AD VINX 100 Italy 1985 Vendre cette version
AD 501 Cocteau Twins - Aikea-Guinea illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Aikea-Guinea (EP, Single) 4AD AD 501 UK 1985 Vendre cette version
DJV 156 Cocteau Twins - Lorelei illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Lorelei(12", Promo, Smplr) Vertigo, 4AD DJV 156 Canada 1985 Vendre cette version
BAD 610, MD 125284 Cocteau Twins - Love's Easy Tears illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Love's Easy Tears (Single, EP) 4AD BAD 610, MD 125284 Netherlands 1986 Vendre cette version
SPRO-7940 Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Carolyn's Fingers Capitol Records SPRO-7940 US 1988 Vendre cette version
SPRO-79512 Cocteau Twins - A Kissed Out Red Floatboat illustration d'album Cocteau Twins A Kissed Out Red Floatboat(12", Promo) Capitol Records SPRO-79512 US 1988 Vendre cette version
DPRO-79498, dpro-79498 Cocteau Twins - I Wear Your Ring illustration d'album Cocteau Twins I Wear Your Ring (Single) Capitol Records DPRO-79498, dpro-79498 US 1990 Vendre cette version
CDP 432 Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas (Single) Capitol Records, 4AD CDP 432 Canada 1990 Vendre cette version
AD 0011 Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck illustration d'album Cocteau Twins Iceblink Luck (Single, Maxi) 4AD AD 0011 UK 1990 Vendre cette version

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19 juin 2020
edité 4 months ago
For anyone new to CT browsing the albums on this page, be sure not to overlook The Moon and the Melodies


11 juin 2020
Grab all them mid period 12"s from Spangle Maker through Love's Easy Tears for maximum loveliness. Their best run, better than the albums for me, all sound great and look great to boot.


19 février 2020
Unfortunately, I discovered the Cocteau Twins late, but not a day goes by that I feel like listening to Liz, unfortunately many people don't know the CTs, and I'm sorry for them. They are pure magic. Liz makes you dream, and music seems to get married with the best female voice. When you hear them for the first time, you immediately fall in love with them, and the lyrics seem to be made on purpose, to let you enter another dimension. They become a drug that you cannot get rid of, if they are one of the bands favored by Robert Smith, who understands music, and not a little, it makes me more and more sure that I am a marvel. I'm a fan of Cure, I think listening to both of them, in a playlist where there are only Cure and CT is a unique, magical experience. Someone did badly, I had to be born at least 7 years before, and not to bomb Metal, but to know all these bands in their best years. Too bad, but for about twenty abundant years, I discovered the 4AD, and I'm enjoying the various sounds of those years, discovering groups that excite me in hearing them and the CTs are the best, but the others are no less, Ivo is a genius who put under his label, the biggest bands, that music has ever produced


16 juin 2018
A huge influence on me, growing up as a teenager throughout the mid 80's, and I suppose, up until now. I thank God for John Peel for introducing them to me during his shows. Liz has a voice that'll die with me, and send me off This Mortal Coil. Pun definitely intended


4 février 2018
edité over 3 years ago
What gets my goat is people interpreting Cocteau twins lyrics into English. Why ruin it? Some of them are atrocious!!! They're not supposed to be interpreted!!!


16 décembre 2017
Liz Fraser gets a lot of credit, but what really makes the Cocteau Twins sound is that dreamy guitar of Robin Guthrie.


26 novembre 2017
First band I ever went to see in early 80's... and the first time I left N. Ireland. Seeing them live in the Sadler's Wells in London was
literally like nothing I'd seen before or since for that matter. Loved them (and Liz.!) since and there's rarely a week that goes by
that I don't play something of theirs...


22 mars 2016
I never really thought about it until I saw this listing - they really didn't put out that many albums - most were EP's.


29 octobre 2015
I have been a fan of the Cocteaus since first hearing their ethereal otherworldly music in the early 80's and their music has lived with me ever since. No other band has come close to being a true original in the way the Cocteau Twins did, with a sound and style that came from nowhere and was unique to them. Sadly no longer with us but the music will live on and hopefully future generations will discover and fall in love with them and come to recognise that Elizabeth Fraser was possibly the greatest voice ever committed to vinyl.

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