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Danny Wolfers
Legowelt is a Dutch producer who describes his musical style as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack". He began producing in the early 1990s, marking his main influence as Unit Moebius, hailing from his home town The Hague. Bunker Records released the first Legowelt 12” in 1998. In 2006, he started his own label called Strange Life Records. Apart from producing, Legowelt has been playing live all over the world.
Current Jobs: Music Producer, Ufologist, CEO of Pacific Micro International Software™. Previous Jobs: Amiga programmer, RPG Dungeon Master.


001 Legowelt - Space Force album art Legowelt Space Force(Cass, Album) M.O.C. 001 Netherlands 1996 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Reports From The Backseat Pimp album art Legowelt Reports From The Backseat Pimp (Album) Goldcoast Netherlands 1998 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - The Rise And Fall Of Manuel Noriega album art Legowelt The Rise And Fall Of Manuel Noriega (Album) Strange Life Records Netherlands 2008 Vendre cette version
SLR025 Legowelt - Dark Days 2 album art Legowelt Dark Days 2(CDr, Album) Strange Life Records SLR025 Netherlands 2008 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Amiga Railroad Adventures album art Legowelt Amiga Railroad Adventures (Album) Strange Life Records Netherlands 2009 Vendre cette version
NM039 Legowelt - Split LP Series #4 - Garçon Taupe / Legowelt album art Garçon Taupe / Legowelt Garçon Taupe / Legowelt - Split LP Series #4 - Garçon Taupe / Legowelt(LP) Narrominded NM039 Netherlands 2009 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - The Teac Life album art Legowelt The Teac Life (Album) Not On Label (Legowelt Self-released) Netherlands 2011 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - The Paranormal Soul album art Legowelt The Paranormal Soul (Album) Clone Netherlands 2012 Vendre cette version
HHD Gilga 1/6 Legowelt - Gilga 1 album art Legowelt Gilga 1(2x12", MiniAlbum, Ltd, W/Lbl) Gilga HHD Gilga 1/6 Germany 2013 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Crystal Cult 2080 album art Legowelt Crystal Cult 2080 (Album) Crème Organization Netherlands 2014 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Plafond 1 album art Legowelt, SFV acid, Haron (3) Legowelt, SFV acid, Haron (3) - Plafond 1 (MiniAlbum) BAKK Netherlands 2016 Vendre cette version
CWCS009LP, 009LP Legowelt - Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time album art Legowelt Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time(2xLP, Album) Clone West Coast Series, Clone West Coast Series CWCS009LP, 009LP Netherlands 2017 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

Legowelt - Pimpshifter album art Legowelt Pimpshifter (EP) Bunker Records Netherlands 1999 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Wirtschaftswunder album art Legowelt Wirtschaftswunder Bunker Records Netherlands 2000 Vendre cette version
etr#6b Legowelt - Kaihoisa Pt.2 album art Orgue Electronique / Legowelt Orgue Electronique / Legowelt - Kaihoisa Pt.2(7", Ltd) Eat This Records etr#6b Netherlands 2001 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Klaus Kinski EP album art Legowelt Klaus Kinski EP (EP) Bunker Records Netherlands 2002 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Disco Rout album art Legowelt Disco Rout Cocoon Recordings Germany 2002 Vendre cette version
Stilleben015 Legowelt - Tracks From The Tube album art Legowelt Tracks From The Tube(12") Stilleben Records Stilleben015 Sweden 2002 Vendre cette version
KG 02 Legowelt - Starcruiser album art Legowelt & Orgue Electronique Legowelt & Orgue Electronique - Starcruiser(10") Kapellmeister Grammofon KG 02 Belgium 2002 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Tower Of The Gipsies album art Legowelt Tower Of The Gipsies Bunker Records Netherlands 2003 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Under The Panda Moon album art Legowelt Under The Panda Moon (EP) Crème Organization Netherlands 2003 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Beyond The Congo album art Legowelt Beyond The Congo (EP) Bunker Records Netherlands 2005 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - The Land Of Lonzo album art Legowelt The Land Of Lonzo (EP) Strange Life Records Netherlands 2006 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - MTT Inversion / Be Somebody album art Traxx (4) Ft. Legowelt / Leroy & The Black Diaspora Traxx (4) Ft. Legowelt / Leroy & The Black Diaspora - MTT Inversion / Be Somebody Crème Organization Netherlands 2007 Vendre cette version
Legowelt - Slompy Jitt album art Legowelt Slompy Jitt (EP) M>O>S Recordings Netherlands 2009 Vendre cette version

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10 février 2018
How can you be so good?

. . . . .


1 février 2014
just one word: GENIUS


6 septembre 2013
i'm looking for some viniyls that have the track airwave synthesis. someone know if is itpossible to found its?


5 avril 2008
His attitude is to serve and every serve is in. Legowelt plays the game with style and great accuracy. His first servings, although Legowelt himself self said it was just some 'probeersel', exactly hit home.
The man feels what the public wants and succesfully creates an advanced vision thereafter. Easily switching to whatever moniker he feels like containing the high standards he himself demands.
Every release is an adventure on itself. Danny can decide to create a masterpiece in a genre if he wants to. Signs of a musical genius.
With partners in crime Brian Schijf+, Lukas Petterson and ? they have created standards. Legowelt conjures up the world that is the musical dream you dreamt.
Mr. Wolfers not only has that touch but has demonstrated the touch while staying in touch with the underground. Needless to say that he is admired by the lot of us.


12 février 2006
edité over 12 years ago
"the obscure pre-1983 Italian disco which production secrets were closely studied", their secret is that they have best inner sense of what a zombie movie soundtrack should be.
A perfect style, an exact sense when to use vintage synthe and naïve melodies with always that funky touch which makes Legowelt one of my prefered electro band.


15 août 2005
edité over 13 years ago
Just listening to some of this guy's stuff. This shit is so amazingly funky, and he just makes the melodies slide in an orgasmic polyphony. Not only that, but the beats are strong and the bass is compelling. Take a bit of Thomas Bangalter, add a dash of extra lower end, put in some even more funk, and cook it in some of the best melodies only a real musical genius can come up with. Put it all on vinyl, a cassette, or a CD. Serve either "at home" or "at the club." Works equally well. This music is fucking amazing, no doubt about it. It'll blast the shit out of your speakers, it'll make your body move to the groove, and it'll make your day. This shit is relentless. Go out and get some. I'm serious. Steal it if you have to, because it's just that good.


5 mai 2004
First of all, I really do NOT agree with above...ladies and gentlemen, let there be no doubt..this man is a living genius!
Indeed... all of his pieces of musical art contain that special legowelt sauce which makes every single track a euphoric, intense, adventerous and obscure thrill ride you want to make over and over again and leaves you begging for more after it touched your soul..
All of his tracks, especially the ones on the Pimpshifter LP are timeless, in fact in about 60 years from now your grandchildren will dance on 'total pussy control' on their prom nights and 600 years later robots on the planet Utopia will be doing the same on his dirty, sleezy obscure ghettofunk synth-soundscapes....
No people...this man...this man is the fucking Elvis of our time...


2 avril 2002
I was listening to some tracks from 'Wirtschaftswunder' and 'Pimpshifter' last night, and found myself wondering why Legowelt hasn't blown up yet. Part of me hopes it won't happen, since things tend to be better when they stay relatively underground. Still, Danny Blanco's music is so infectious that I wouldn't be surprised if Legowelt is as popular as Daft Punk someday. Legowelt's music is like that--it's beat-heavy, uptempo, and killer on the dancefloor, but it's interesting and varied enough to be enjoyable for armchair listening, too. I'd recommend Legowelt (and Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique) to anyone who enjoys melodic, danceable electro.

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