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William Fredrick Rieflin
William 'Bill' Rieflin (born September 30, 1960) is an American musician, most active as a drummer.
He was recruited into Ministry following the 1985 demise of The Blackouts, a Seattle No Wave band whose final EP "Lost Soul's Club" had been produced by Al Jourgensen. Rieflin and Jourgensen fell out during the sessions for Filth Pig, ending a decade of collaboration.
As of September 2013, Bill's an active member of King Crimson.
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8 janvier 2006
edité over 13 years ago
Bill is one of the most amazing drummers I have ever seen, and as a drummer, I've seen a lot of great drummers. His timing is impeccable, he has a strong sense of style, and he can either lay back and function as a strong clock or step out and create fills and moments of epiphany without overplaying.

Specific moments I can recall through the haze of memory are a perfect press roll he did around the rims of his tom-toms with The Blackouts at the I-Beam (San Francisco) in 1982 (on their way to Boston) and reading Moby Dick, while playing on stage, during the first Revolting Cocks gig at the Metro (Chicago), as visible on the "You Goddam Son Of A Bitch" video.

I really believe that entire Revco/Ministry shtick of playing live with pre-recorded backing tracks would not have been viable without a drummer of his caliber.

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