Black Sabbath alterbridge

23 février 2019
edité 3 months ago
Dio with sabs was a blessing to Rock music in 82. reached a high that no one seen coming!!! LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!! The World is full of Kings and Queens that blind your Eyes and steal your dreams it Heaven and Hell!!!!!!!

Black Sabbath Neonknightprowler

10 mars 2019
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Black Sabbath horror84

20 octobre 2018
Could not agree with you more on what you had typed, never cared for the Dio Years....still good but nothing that came close to the first six-seven albums in my opinion.

Black Sabbath rafika77

20 décembre 2018
this is so wrong (sorry), the Dio albums rules but even better are the Martin ones and even the ones with Deep Purple guys are awesome, really, listen to those closely (and forget about War Pigs and Paranoid, even if these are excellent songs...)...

Black Sabbath chunkyricesushi

25 août 2018
The first 6 LP's are phenomenal. Black Sabbath created such amazing music they can be considered the Beatles of heavy music. Their influence has now probably outstripped that of Led Zeppelin, in terms of the genres they inadvertently inspired and spawned.
It's hard to conceive of any other heavy band with catchier riffs and a better band chemistry, each original member was so vital to the sound and impact of their music.
Sadly, once Ozzy departed, they failed to hit the same heights, though, as people are often keen to impress on each other, there were some gems hidden amongst the straw of their varied post-Ozzy output.

Black Sabbath Neonknightprowler

1 juin 2019
Don't mind me asking, when did you exactly first heard Sabbath? Thanks for your answer!

Black Sabbath Rich.C

22 décembre 2016
edité over 2 years ago
Black Sabbath kicked loose rock that's still setting off avalanches of creativity across the musical landscape, the harbingers of heavy metal in all its glory! Their phenomenal first four albums -- Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality, and Vol. 4 -- remain the clearest articulations of heavy metal vocabulary to date. Bassist Geezer Butler, the man responsible for the lion's share of Sabbath's early hits, focused his lyrics on social ills, self-destructive behavior, fantasy and the occult, setting forth the primary concerns which continue to preoccupy Metal bands from velocity addicts Venom and Napalm Death to sludge fiends such as Monster Magnet. Lead guitarist Tony Iommi's loose tunings revolutionized the craft of electric guitar by uncovering unsuspected fuzzy depths. And, of course, Ozzy Osbourne's manic live performances introduced an element of pure theatricality that remains central to Metal's identity. Beginning with '75's Sabotage, Sabbath's credibility has been constantly imperiled by failed experiments in Prog-ish rock. With the exception of the Ronnie James Dio albums of the early '80s (Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules), the moments when Sabbath play up to their ability have been few and far between. Perhaps aware of this themselves, they convinced Ozzy to return to the fold in the late '90s for a series of penitential performances focusing on their glorious early material

Black Sabbath bloodysabotagevol4

11 juillet 2018
Sabotage rules, no one who likes Sabbath should ever be talking crap about any of the first 6 Sabbath records.

Black Sabbath Jarren

19 avril 2017
Mate, you need to stop copying reviews from other people and passing them off as your own work.

It's not acceptable.

Black Sabbath nasiuyl

1 mai 2016
its fine to get great feeling. of mine one of the.

Black Sabbath dolly_girl

5 juillet 2015
I want to reach out and touch the sky
I want to touch the sun
But I don't need to fly

Black Sabbath bustinmakesmefeelgoo

29 septembre 2014
Bit unfair not having Bill on the main pic. Does anyone have a better one?

Black Sabbath vladoslayer

14 février 2014
It's so frustrating that people underrate albums with Tony Martin. Headless Cross is better album then Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy or Never Say Die. Tyr is also amazing album and Cross Purposes as well.

Black Sabbath portablecdplayer

19 juin 2018
I agree, man. Tony Martin era is a very special era that really represents (contributed greatly?) to that late 80s and early 90s heavy metal sound and vibe! I'm not to say that those albums are better than Sabotage, but both are high caliber music in their own way.

Black Sabbath ozzrya91

22 novembre 2017
edité about 1 year ago
You're delusional. Tony Martin era was Sabbathy Iommi solo project at best. Doesn't hold a candle to any of the ozzy/dio stufg, let alone Sabotage!

Black Sabbath jondubb35

9 mai 2017
What are you smoking?!? Headless Cross better than Sabotage?!? I can't stop laughing!! You must not be a big Sabbath or metal guy. Nothing wrong with that, but you must know that not only is Sabotage superior to anything outside of Ozzy/Dio era (maybe even only outside of the first 5 Sabbath records, and really the first 6 records including Sabbath are all time classics), but it is also essential Heavy Metal listening and one of the greatest metal records ever. "Symptom of The Universe" is maybe the first Prog-metal song ever composed and is single handedly responsible for an entire sub-genre (Prog-Metal). And that's just one song! The entire album is brilliant. If you're a true Sabbath/metal fan, I suggest you revisit this album asap and really listen to it. Soak it in. Life changing experience.

Black Sabbath VicMarRodz

10 février 2015
I find very hard to believe that a REAL BS Fan can put headless cross or TYR at the same level than sabotage, (maybe technical ecstasy), the era with Tony Martin isn´t bad but never has the quality of their first 7 albums

Black Sabbath Ancalagon1976

15 janvier 2015
Yes, Tony Martin Era is underrated, but I wouldn't compare to Ozzy/Dio stuff (like cannot compare those two faces of BS). It's somehow a different style, so no point in telling this is better / worser than that...

Black Sabbath JeffCarney

28 juillet 2014
edité over 4 years ago
The day 'Headless Cross' is better than 'Sabotage' is the day the we should all give up listening to music.

I do like Tyr and CP and agree the Martin-era is somewhat underrated, but come on ...

Black Sabbath Aghartha6

30 avril 2013
This band up till about Born Again was the best (I lump dehumanizer in with the dio era, not post born again) but i digress, the stuff after that is just watered down shit, and is pointless. The Ozzy era though, is absolutely essential Heavy Metal.

Black Sabbath rafika77

20 décembre 2018
Born Again is such a criminaly underrated album, I mean any band other than Black Sabbath could have built a career only with that album...