The Damned WonkPower

10 mars 2018
I have a copy of Damned Damned Damned. Near mint, near mint. Can someone please tell me the price with new rose and Neat Neat Neat first press.

The Damned jondoe68

5 juillet 2016
I have a copy of Damned, Damned, Damned in a white sleeve with white label, matrix etching 526002A and 526002B that I bought form a reputable record store in 1985. They told me it was a test pressing but I don't see it listed here. If you have any info about it, please let me know. Thanks!

The Damned Love77

9 octobre 2016
Ew. I'm not French. Good heavens. I live in New Jersey.....

The Damned MK-Jeeves

26 septembre 2016
French Damned fan Dan De Pasque points to it being a test pressing of this:

The Damned xanadu77

11 mai 2014
I've got a 7" copy of Stretcher Case pic sleeve similar to original (but better quality) on yellow marble vinyl - don't know anything about it. Has Buy 54 A on A side and what looks like Buy 11 B2on the B side????? Anyone have ideas, cheers, Scott

The Damned lilymunster

28 avril 2017
They actually reissued a few colors..... yellow, pink, purple, red... i have all those, but not sure if there were others. The sleeve is a slight glossy paper, not the same as original, even though the same thing is printed on both. (Although the original has a very small Delga printed at the back bottom right of the sleeve.

The Damned Love77

6 juin 2014
It's a bootleg from 2003.

The Damned augekback

9 décembre 2011
All Stiff original copys should be rifled before the label, except Don't Cry Wolf.
Like the New Rose label: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1676895