Lonnie Liston Smith as reviewed by GalaxyExplorer

4 novembre 2011
Reviewing any individual LLS album misses the point a bit, so I will make my remarks here. All of his albums are similar. Certainly there is some evolution: the early ones are funkier; the mid-period albums contain more elements of disco; and the later ones are further streamlined to reflect 80s production and sound. But they're all deep acidjazz/chillout/makeout music made well before those terms existed.

My favourites are the Columbia albums from 1978 to 1980. They're the grooviest and most melodic. Some of the pre-Columbia records are extremely mellow and pleasant, almost to the point of sleep-inducing -- though all of them are good. The later, more rare albums are less consistent in quality, but still mostly good.

Lonnie Liston Smith jounzun

26 février 2017
Excellent review..Thank you :)
I just got hipped to Lonnie Liston Smith and I'm checking out his entire catalogue.