Janko Nilovic

Real Name:Janko Nilović

Montenegrin-French composer, arranger, conductor, keyboardist, percussionist, vocalist and producer, born May 20th, 1941 in İstanbul, Turkey.
French resident since 1960.
He has published many works, most of them on library labels not available for sale to the public. His oeuvre stretches from classical, jazz, and funk to pop, psyche, and easy listening.
The hip-hop producer Dr. Dre sampled much of Nilović's piece "Underground Session" for his track "Loose Cannons" from the album Compton.
Producer No I.D. sampled Nilović's song "In the Space", for Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)", on the album The Blueprint 3
In 2010 Nilovic won a Grammy award for the rap song "D.O.A.(Death of Auto-Tune)," along with Shawn Carter, Ernest Wilson, Gary DeCarlo, Dale Frashuer, Paul Leka, and Dave Sucky
Sampled also by The beatnuts and Joey Badass. , YouTube , Facebook , Bandcamp , Instagram , Wikipedia
Aliases:Abra K Dabra, Alan Blackwell, Andy Loore, E. Orti, Johnny Montevideo, Mario Morena Et Son Orchestre, Tonton Roland Et Ses Pianos À Moustaches, Yako Doussis
In Groups:Janko Nilovic Trio, Les Players (3), Mad Unity, Orchestre Janko Nilovic, The Magic Of Ju Ju
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