Depth Affect

Vrai nom:Rémy Charrier, David Bideau, Frédéric Puren, Xavier Brunet

Hailing from the city of Nantes, Depth Affect is the project of David Bideau and Rémy Charrier, who spent part of their student time collecting keyboards and computers. Signed to Autres Directions In Music, the pair released their first album, Arche-Lymb in 2006.
Two years on, with "Hero Crisis", Bideau and Charrier revive their wicked machines and devise new, darker, attires and appear to compress their heavily sliced beats and electronics to gain more consistency throughout.
Their 2010 "Draft Battle" is a feverish album with spells of melancholy and with minimal vocals. The album is an emporium of electronic loops, heavy bass, synths, hip-hop and click’n’cut beats with classical elements. Just like the cover art, the music of Depth Affect evokes a deserted no-man’s-land, which can be supernatural, but also tragic.

Posted the 29/08/2012 on adim website:
"We’re very sorry to announce Depth Affect’s break up, after 12 years of twisted music. It will of course affect the label itself… but new projects will surely emerge." , Tumblr , , Wikipedia
Membres:David Bideau, Rémy Charrier




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