Etienne Daho

Real Name:Étienne Daho

Étienne Daho (born January 14, 1956 in Oran, Algeria) is a French, Algeria-born, singer who has racked up an extensive number of synth-driven and rock-influenced pop hits in the French-speaking world since 1981. He ended up in the city of Rennes during the 60s when his mother got a job in a local hospital. As a teen, he hung around with Guillaume Israel from the band Modern Guy, but also some members of Marquis De Sade. During the fall of 1979, he recorded his first songs with Richard Dumas on guitar, then in June 1980, he performed 5 songs live at MJC La Paillette, in Rennes. His first LP was released in 1981 with some fellow musicians of MdS. The release of his single Tombé Pour La France in 1985 created a real "Dahomania" all around the country. In 2010, Daho celebrated 30 years of career and is still around.

He sings in a low, whispery voice somewhat akin to Leonard Cohen or Benjamin Biolay, and his music videos establish his innovative and creative flair visually. He cites Françoise Hardy as one of his main influences.

2020, Etienne Daho is the French Ambassador for The French Record Store Day , , Facebook , MySpace , Tumblr , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:Tcherenzi, Warren Dee
In Groups:Ensemble (4), Les Enfoirés, St. Etienne Daho
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