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Jonas Kocher is a sound artist and accordionist born in 1977. He is collaborating with personalities from various backgrounds and in numerous artistic and social contexts. His work explores issues such as the listening, space and perception as well as the integration of different kind of random elements. His specific approach to his instrument involves at the same time physicality and reduction, uncontrolled playing and high precision.
Jonas Kocher has a strong interest in process oriented works and unstable situations. As a sound artist he has realised works that are situated between composed theatre, installation and concert pieces. He got commissions from Ensemble Paul Klee, Biennale Bern 2010 & 2017, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, etc. and regularly collaborates with musicians such Michel Doneda, Joke Lanz, Axel Dörner, Hans Koch, Jacques Demierre and many more.
His work as accordion player is documented on more than 20 recordings and on labels such Another Timbre, Potlatch, Bocian Records, Creative Sources, Insubordinations, etc... , , Soundcloud , YouTube
Dans les groupes:300 Basses, Apartment House, Baldrian Quartett, DDK (4), Does Sound Have A Shadow?, Ensemble Rue Du Nord, Šalter Ensemble
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