Anches Doo Too Cool

Anches Doo Too Cool


Daniel Paboeuf and Philippe Herpin first met in 1975, but it's only in 1978 that the band formed in Rennes (France), after the debuts of Marquis De Sade. The name is based on a play on words in French "Anches d'où tout coule" (Reeds from which everything flows).

Their first live occurred at MJC La Paillette in March 1978, together with Philippe Maujard on bass under the moniker of "Anches doo too cool badaboom duo". The main duet plays in Brest, and tours in the Briton clubs during Summer 1978. They are also programmed during the 1st Trans Musicales De Rennes in June 1979.
In Summer 1980, the duet records demos of the "Nous D'eux" LP. They then record at Studio Ramsès during Fall 1980, with a few guests: Nicole Calloc'h sings on a track, Philippe Pascal reads a text on another, Jean-Pierre Ghez eructs here and there, whilst Pierre Fablet manages the electronics. The LP is released end of 1980.

Only few lives were programmed afterwards mainly at Jazz festivals, but on the 19th of October 1981, the duet recorded a live album at L'église Toussaint in Rennes, called "Sacrée Musique". It was released early 1982, at the same period than the Sax Pustuls' LP "L'Avis Des Animaux", but 2 weeks prior its release Paboeuf leaved the formation to join Ubik (10).

The duet is gonna reform for a night in February 1985, for the showing of the "Purple Rain" movie, in Rennes. But they reunite officially at Théâtre De La Bastille in Paris end of 1985. A few concerts were made in 1986 including Festival Printemps De Bourges, followed by a Tour end of 1986 which concluded on the 1st night of the Trans Musicales De Rennes at the "Etienne Daho et ses amis" event.
Another Tour started in January 1987 in Le Mans, Lyon, Montpellier, and the 12th of February 1987 at Salle Vilar, Rennes.

In march 1987, they recorded their 3rd LP at Studio De La Madeleine in Paris. Guests: Jean-Claude Asselin on mandolin, Jean Bisello on bass on a few tracks only, and Hector Zazou on machines programming. C'est Quoi L'Histoire ?! is released in June 1987. In July, they are listed for the Tombées De La Nuit festival and returned in January 1988 to play at Ubu, Rennes.

For the Tombées De La Nuit in July 1988, the duet became a sextet called "Anches doo too cool sexes-têtes". 3 of the guests were part of the 17 persons big band led by Philippe Herpin aka Pinpin, "Prof Pinpin et ses Funk Noz". The band then welcomed Gilles Habile on keys and Xavier Jouvelet on drums.

Their final LP L'Amour Dans L'Âme is released in 1990, before they disband.

Membres:Daniel Pabœuf, Philippe Herpin


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