John Barry

Real Name:John Barry Prendergast

Born: November 03, 1933 // York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
Died: January 30, 2011, Oyster Bay, New York, USA.

He was Jane Birkin's first husband.
Famous composer of film music, most associated in the public mind with a tune he did not in fact write, namely the James Bond theme, which was credited as from the pen of Monty Norman. He did enjoy a long association with the Bond franchise, and also penned themes for many other films and TV shows.

Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1998. , Wikipedia , Imdb , , ,
Aliases:Michael Angelo (9), The Countdowns (6)
In Groups:John Barry & His Orchestra, Labamba's Big Band, The John Barry Seven, The John Barry Seven And Orchestra, The John Barry Seven Plus Four, The John Barry Seven With Latin American Rhythm Accompaniment
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