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Brent Gutzeit is a visual artist, radio DJ, musician, label owner and instrument designer who lives in Milwaukee, WI. After graduating from Western Michigan University in 1994 with a degree in sculpture, Gutzeit moved to Japan, where he formed TV Pow with Michael Hartman (later joined by Todd Carter to form the trio's current line-up).

Gutzeit started the BOXmedia label to release music from the growing Chicago improvised music scene as well as musicians from beyond Cook County. BOXmedia called it quits in 2004. A new label, Trust Lost, was started by Gutzeit in 2006, releasing music from such artists as Astro, Spykes, and TV Pow. Trust Lost ended in 2015. His third label was called simply Brent Gutzeit Archives (BGA, now defunct) - the catalog includes limited edition CDr releases with Brent's own albums, live recordings, collaborations, etc. Gutzeit's current label, JMY, started in 2015 and releases mostly Gutzeit-related projects.

Gutzeit has created many homemade instruments, including a 20-string upright steel bass strung with piano wire.

Sites:Soundcloud , Mixcloud , Tumblr , YouTube , , Bandcamp
Aliases:DJ Spare Tire, JoJo Lasalle, Loessland, Sleepy Neighbor, Sudekin, Wheaton Research
In Groups:7000 Dying Rats, Blanco Niño, Everyoned, Galactic Unity Ensemble, Guitar Hell (2), Kearsley Park, Liminal, Lumbar Trio, Mad Owl (2), Medium (42), Mora (2), Pencilneck, Song Of The Nightingale, Sseepage, Stumble, Television Power Electric, The Gutzeit Family, TV Pow, Cult Junk Cafe
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