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Vladan Radovanović (Belgrade, September 5, 1932 - Belgrade, May 15, 2023) was a Serbian composer.

After graduating from the Belgrade Academy of Music (1956) he became a teacher at the Stanković Music School. In 1972 he was appointed head of the electronic studio he co-founded at Radio Belgrade (Elektronski Studio Radio Beograda). Additionally, he has worked at the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio (1966) and at studios in Paris, Utrecht and Budapest.

Radovanović's compositional output encompasses a range of styles: works written between 1949 and 1953 have an expressionistic quality, while those of his middle period, 1953–7, betray influences of neo-classicism; later works belong to avant-garde maximal music; with developed and complex textures and expression. His experiments in the 1950s with ‘vocovisual’ works, polymedia and tactile forms, though arrived at independently, resembled developments in Western avant-garde art at that time. He is also a visual artist, writer (he had published numerous essays on the arts generally) and the originator of works for computer and a synthesis of media. Indeed, amalgamating all art forms lies at the core of his aesthetic. The work Rebel (1989) was commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and Yuevents (1990) by the Bourges International Festival of electroacoustic music. ,
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