Drum Club errorsinspace

5 janvier 2019
Surprised i am the first to comment on this. Out of their first underground smash hit with "you make me feel so good" Drum Club was onw of the biggest acts in Electronic Music. Statewide they were bigger than Underworld for example. And their tour as headliners on tours with Moby, Orbital and Astralasia among others show that. But to the big Drum Club fans there will always be a soft apot in their record collection for their great tribal ambient dub and techno. If you listen to them now they may not do as much for you but if you were there in 93-95 then their tracks have so much fondness and charm to them. Like Dekushed or Drums qre Dangerous. They scored their second big hit with 'sound system' and you figures this act would be among the leaders in trance music for the rest of the 90s..But I hear riffs between the guys tore them apart at their height. Thankfully there is about 3 hours work between 92-95 (along with some excellent remixes) that show how excellent and timeless their music was. Drum Club was up there with Orbital and Astralasia for the biggest acts that I liked back then but i go back to their music more than Moby or Orbital for the time. Thank u Drum Club!

'Spaced out....locked in".

Drum Club greavesdj

5 juin 2020
Have just dug out Live in Iceland on Youtube. I had it on CD back in the day but it fell by the wayside. Awesome analogue sounds, and it hasn't aged a bit. I first saw them at Leeds Megadog in 93 and then Tribal Gathering in Munich in 95, they were fantastic. They don't hit you in the face like Orbital, Prodigy, Underworld, Chems, etc, but they do bury deep into your soul. I played a white label of Drums are Dangerous that I found in my collection earlier today, but it was remixes and not quite the same. I think about this band often, have always wondered why they didn't carry on to bigger things.

Drum Club Lyman_Zerga

29 février 2020
edité 9 months ago
Just wanted to echo this sentiment, and also to add a UK perspective to this...
Drum Club never reached the levels of popularity over here that they seem to have done over there: even in their prime they were never a headline act in the same way that Orbital, Underworld, Prodigy and others were, but that's not to say they weren't as well loved among those in the know, such as the Megadog crowd. Any club night featuring a live Drum Club set was a must-attend. I particularly loved the way they weren't afraid to lower the tempo and to re-work a track like 'Follow The Sun', for example, to a bliss-inducing 10 minutes or so, drawing out not just the length of what some (not me, mind) might have considered an album filler but also a hatful of beatific grins and hugs from the crusties and techno heads, the raver kids and the uninitiated on the dancefloor. Some treasured memories, those.
Special praise for the Steve Hillage collaboration, One Tribe, from their first album.
And Alchemy (album version) too.
And in Sound System, they brought out probably Underworld's best remix work ever.
Thank you indeed, Drum Club. :)