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Neil Arthur & Stephen Luscombe
British synth-pop duo formed in London 1979 and consisting of Neil Arthur & Stephen Luscombe. They had a string of hits through the early to mid 1980s with songs such as "Blind Vision," "Don't Tell Me," "Living On The Ceiling," "Lose Your Love," "That's Love, That It Is" and "Waves."

The band found their popularity waning by the mid-80's, and with the poor performance of their third album "Believe You Me," they initially split in 1986. They did eventually reform in 2006 and released a new album of original material in 2011, titled "Blanc Burn."
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6.25418, 6.25 418 Blancmange - Happy Families illustration d'album Blancmange Happy Families (Album, Comp) London Records, London Records 6.25418, 6.25 418 Germany 1982 Vendre cette version
CN 4141/S Blancmange - In Concert-297 illustration d'album Blancmange / Hot Chocolate Blancmange / Hot Chocolate - In Concert-297(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 4141/S UK 1983 Vendre cette version
CN 4403/S Blancmange - In Concert-333 illustration d'album Blancmange In Concert-333 BBC Transcription Services CN 4403/S UK 1984 Vendre cette version
none Blancmange - Mange Tout illustration d'album Blancmange Mange Tout (Album, Comp) London Records, London Records none UK 1983 Vendre cette version
LONLP 10, 820301 - 1 Blancmange - Believe You Me illustration d'album Blancmange Believe You Me (Album, Comp) London Records, London Records LONLP 10, 820301 - 1 Greece 1985 Vendre cette version
CN 4742/S Blancmange - In Concert-380 illustration d'album Blancmange In Concert-380(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 4742/S UK 1986 Vendre cette version
PRPCD075 Blancmange - Blanc Burn illustration d'album Blancmange Blanc Burn (Album) Proper Records (2) PRPCD075 UK 2011 Vendre cette version
BCR0002 Blancmange - Happy Families Too... illustration d'album Blancmange Happy Families Too... (Album) Blanc Check Records BCR0002 UK 2013 Vendre cette version
CDXBRED650 Blancmange - Semi Detached illustration d'album Blancmange Semi Detached (Album) Cherry Red CDXBRED650 UK 2015 Vendre cette version
BCR003CD Blancmange - Nil By Mouth illustration d'album Blancmange Nil By Mouth (Album) Blanc Check Records BCR003CD Europe 2015 Vendre cette version
BCR004CD Blancmange - Commuter 23 illustration d'album Blancmange Commuter 23 (Album) Blanc Check Records BCR004CD UK 2016 Vendre cette version
BCR010CD Blancmange - Unfurnished Rooms illustration d'album Blancmange Unfurnished Rooms (Album) Blanc Check Records BCR010CD UK 2017 Vendre cette version
BCR012LP Blancmange - Wanderlust illustration d'album Blancmange Wanderlust (Album) Blanc Check Records BCR012LP UK & Europe 2018 Vendre cette version
BCR018LP Blancmange - Late For Sum illustration d'album Kincaid (5) Ft. Blancmange Kincaid (5) Ft. Blancmange - Late For Sum (MiniAlbum) Blanc Check Records BCR018LP UK 2019 Vendre cette version
BCR019CD, 5060446123843 Blancmange - Nil By Mouth II illustration d'album Blancmange Nil By Mouth II(CD, Album, Ltd) Blanc Check Records, Blanc Check Records BCR019CD, 5060446123843 UK 2019 Vendre cette version
none Blancmange - Waiting Room (Volume 1) illustration d'album Blancmange Waiting Room (Volume 1) (Album) Not On Label (Blancmange Self-released) none UK 2020
BCR020LPY Blancmange - Mindset illustration d'album Blancmange Mindset (Album) Blanc Check Records BCR020LPY UK 2020 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

MFT 1/2 Blancmange - Irene & Mavis illustration d'album Blancmange Irene & Mavis (EP) Blaah Music MFT 1/2 UK 1980 Vendre cette version
DMD 389 Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling / Feel Me illustration d'album Blancmange Living On The Ceiling / Feel Me (Single) London Records DMD 389 US 1982 Vendre cette version
BLANC 2 Blancmange - Feel Me illustration d'album Blancmange Feel Me (Single) London Records BLANC 2 UK 1982 Vendre cette version
6.13484 AC Blancmange - I've Seen The Word / God's Kitchen illustration d'album Blancmange I've Seen The Word / God's Kitchen (Single) London Records, London Records 6.13484 AC Germany 1982 Vendre cette version
6.13662 Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling illustration d'album Blancmange Living On The Ceiling (Single, Maxi) London Records 6.13662 Germany 1982 Vendre cette version
LYN 11183/84 Blancmange - Born Every Minute / Living On The Ceiling + Sad Day (Excerpt) illustration d'album The Passage / Blancmange The Passage / Blancmange - Born Every Minute / Living On The Ceiling + Sad Day (Excerpt)(Flexi, 7", Smplr) Melody Maker LYN 11183/84 UK 1982 Vendre cette version
DMD 626 Blancmange - Blind Vision illustration d'album Blancmange Blind Vision (Single, Maxi) London Records, London Records DMD 626 US 1982 Vendre cette version
SO7P 1029 Blancmange - Waves (Extended Remix Version) illustration d'album ブラマンジェ* = Blancmange ブラマンジェ* = Blancmange - Waves (Extended Remix Version) (Single) London Records, PolyGram Records Pty. Limited SO7P 1029 Japan 1983 Vendre cette version

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18 juillet 2020
In the third photo of the image section on this page is that Vince Clarke (it looks like him)? Is he just there as a friend or did he have some input in the music (or maybe it is Laurence Stevens)?

As for laserdiscs' comment below ("the group is just not that good") - with music it is not easy to empirically state which pop group is 'better'; ESPECIALLY when they are different kinds of music. Blancmange have a distinct sense of humour in their music, though Waves is emotional / quite 'heavy' (love it), most of Blancmange's music is light, can be satirical, an alternative to melodrama; and the electronica, though common in the Eighties, is more central to their sound.

The examples used sort of proves the point. I liked the earlier Duran Duran and some Spandau Ballet, but I certainly didn't like the direction either band went. I couldn't stand SB's Gold, it just wasn't to my taste. Personally I prefer the full breadth of Blancmange's output to the examples cited. Excluding A-ha, but I wouldn't compare Blancmange to A-ha.

"Success" as a measure of quality? Strange comment, doubly so for Eighties music which championed a more equal footing to the Indie scene. A-ha is also an odd example, I don't really like speaking negatively of groups, A-Ha's first three albums are brilliant - I'll leave it at that.

For me Blancmage ARE "that good" and it is a matter of taste when it comes to who is 'better'.


21 juin 2020
Contrary to the other comments posted, the group is just not that good. Understandably, synth pop or electro caters to people who like their music left of the mainstream. Having said that, there is a reason bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Aha were much more successful, that being, the songs were written better. You can be good at your craft and still have songs that do not catch the listeners attention or for that matter, catch anyone's attention! When you listen to Culture Club & Depeche Mode, the songs flowed better with hooks and riffs that reel in the listener. Lets face it, the song writing from Duran Duran and especially A-Ha was far better than this group and that is what it all boils down to -good songs


13 janvier 2017
As Culture Club and Depeche Mode seemed to grab all the electro attention in the 80s Blancmange were a band which escaped under the radar for many.
Recommended by Duran Durans' lead singer Simon le Bon (he and Neil Arthur had met at University) the band are wrongfully labelled as one hit wonders owing to their big hit "living on a ceiling". Tracks such as waves, lose your love, blind vision and even vishnu are worth checking out if you like your left field, electro from a duo who had so much talent. Still touring to this day, Blancmange are continually still flying the flag for electro music, but don't have the same cutting edge they did in the 80s, one thinks their career is perhaps a bit wobbly now, set in their ways...ok ill stop!! but they were underrated in their day ;)


29 juillet 2004
edité over 16 years ago
Blancmange were less aware of pop with 'Irene & Mavis' which was recorded in 1979 and stopped right there. A six track EP, rather experimental, echoing Cabaret Voltaire more than Depeche Mode in their sound. Originally a three piece (at first called 'L360' or something) with drummer Laurence Stevens (strange enough, the guy with the same name designed later record sleeves for Eurythmics, I wonder). 'Irene & Mavis' proves a collectible obscurity, omitted even from these pages as a mention - a combination of weird noise ('Disco A-Bomb-Bomb', 'Overspreading Art Genius, 'Modichy In Aneration') and a potential piss-take over ska bands ('Concentration Baby'). A slight hint of what was about to happen, came in a synth-pop tune 'Just Another Spectre', a moody instrumental giving much thought to the duo's first proper vynil exposure with semi-legendary V/A sampler 'Some Bizzare' (a track 'Sad Day'). After this Blancmange took more conventional, often surprisingly innovative step towards pop - 'Happy Families', their debut albums still stands as the most essential of the lot - 'Mange Tout' and 'Believe You Me' provoked mixed response and despite a number of impressive hits the duo split starting solo projects. Neil Arthur returned sometime in the 90s with Fortran 5 on their excellent single 'Persian Blues'...

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