MC 900Ft Jesus

Nom Civil:
Mark Griffin
Born: Ft. Knox, Kentucky

MC 900 Ft Jesus resides in Dallas and is the son of an army officer, which allowed him to experience various parts of the States and Europe. His work in a Dallas music store educated him in the realm of hip hop, processed noise, scratching, industrial and rap music. This musical premise, along with his incessant need to explore the deepest, darkest layers of paranoia hidden in all human minds, inspired the musical and lyrical content on his first EP, "Too Bad / Shut Up" (which received rave reviews from the Heavens of Europe.)

"This fellow called Jesus wants to feel insanity, get inside the head of somebody crazed" — Melody Maker, August 1989

(Above text taken from the official Nettwerk "Hell With The Lid Off" press release)
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PALMDV3071 MC 900 Ft Jesus - The Work Of Directors Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry illustration d'album Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham (2), Michel Gondry If I Only Had A Brain (as MC 900ft Jesus) Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham (2), Michel Gondry - The Work Of Directors Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry(2xDVD-V, NTSC + 2xDVD-V, D/Sided, NTSC + Box, Comp) Palm Pictures PALMDV3071 US 2004 Vendre cette version


W5V-E 0004 MC 900 Ft Jesus - Attitude - A Video Compilation illustration d'album Various I'm Going Straight To Heaven (as MC 900Ft Jesus) Various - Attitude - A Video Compilation(VHS, Comp, NTSC) Nettwerk W5V-E 0004 Canada 1991 Vendre cette version
PALMDVD 3068-2 MC 900 Ft Jesus - The Work Of Director Spike Jonze illustration d'album Spike Jonze If I Only Had A Brain (as MC 900ft Jesus) Spike Jonze - The Work Of Director Spike Jonze(DVD-V, D/Sided, NTSC) Palm Pictures PALMDVD 3068-2 US 2003 Vendre cette version


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6 janvier 2004
Mark Griffin's just the bomb. No, really. When I first heard a track of his- 'Adventures In Failure'- I found it beautifully produced, but comical. Then I heard 'The City Sleeps' and couldn't believe it was by the same artist. He seems to be able to get inside the American psyche and write these wonderful, incredibly well-observed lyrics; and then marries them to old-skool beats and layers of synth. At first listen you might believe that you're listening to hip-pop; but then you rapidly realise that everything he does is a little bit tongue-in-cheek. With several layers and speeds of backing vocals combined with a pared-down, almost punk-pop bassline, 'If I Only Had A Brain' is my personal favourite track of his.

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