Machine Drum as reviewed by mushroomman95

8 août 2016
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Seriously some Delicious Beats

Machine Drum muziqe

17 octobre 2013
I haven`t checked his first albums yet but i`m getting bored very quickly of all these pop female vocal samples on each track i have listened so far.

Machine Drum tranceraven

4 janvier 2010
Travis is one of the most talented producers of this time and if he do his thing right Normrex will be the hottest label in 2010! The kiddo rules!

Machine Drum as reviewed by xenlab

4 décembre 2005
edité over 13 years ago
While the Prefuse 73 comparison is sometimes justified, what isn't justified is that "Now You Know" was making the rounds before Vocal Studies, and poor Travis has been doomed to playing second fiddle to Scott in the public's mind, given Prefuse 73's wider release on a larger label. Personally I think both are innovators, and that Machine Drum is much better live than Scott Herren could ever be. Take it from me - I've booked them both numerous times in Orlando, and while Prefuse packs the house - most of his die hard fans leave underwhelmed from his performances. Where as Machine Drum's shows are usually intimate affairs with the entire crowd hanging every strum of his guitair, and every twiddle of the knob.

Machine Drum as reviewed by Hubajube

14 février 2002
The Anonymous comment is a bit off--this isn't totally original stuff. That said, it's very solidly done. The other comment was dead on in comparing it to Boards of Canada and Push Button Objects. The other obvious comparison is Prefuse 73. Great first CD.

Machine Drum as reviewed by autechred

25 mai 2001
edité over 17 years ago
Beautiful, intelligent electronic music with hip-hop attitude ! Cut-up, distorted rap samples are intricately combined with deep, warm electronic sounds. It's all then held together with hip-hop beats that make you move your body to this addictive, wonderfully constructed CD. Brings to mind Boards Of Canada, Push Button Objects and the deep sound scapes of Autechre. A contender for record of the year !

Machine Drum v1rtuous

17 novembre 2009
I honestly can't see anything supporting your comparisons to Board of Canada or Autechre -- all three of these groups have incredibly different sounds (come on, they're nowhere near this stuff). I've been listening to Machine Drum for the past few hours and enjoying it a lot and I'd definitely liken it to some of the upcoming idm/hiphop crossovers like Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke (even though they've got very different sounds, they all seem to have some elements in common). Regardless of whatever artists may sound like him, he's definitely worth a listen!