Wolf Down


Wolf Down was a militant left-wing Hardcore band from Germany, formed in 2011. The band broke up on July 27th 2017 because it became public that at least two band members were involved in sexual assault against women. One member confessed rape facing the accusations which where made public by the victims including ex-vocalist Larissa.
After that the band stated officially:
"Even though Tobi informed us recently we as a band did not act public in respect to the victims. We wanted to leave the decision to them, since their voices are the ones that matter the most. We distance ourselves from his behaviour and stand with the victims. The consequences we are taking are not a reaction to the outing but a result of reflecting on the situation.
Now being additionally faced with the accusations against Sven we (Dave & Pascal) came to the conclusion that Wolf Down can no longer be a band."

Sites:Bandcamp , Tumblr
Membres:Larissa (5), Merlin (25), Pascal (90), Sven (50), Thomas (102), Tobi (79)




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