Art & Technique

French experimental electronic band conducted by Bernard Filipetti.
Art & Technique is a collective group operating as a live act. A&T has taken various forms using different formations according to time and places. Conceived as a work in its own right bringing together visual (from video to graphic compositions) & sound. The music is an austere soundtrack juggling between polyrhythmic and repetitive sequences that recall a burning postcard mixed up with urban noises, fighter aircrafts, minimalism and poetry. Art & Technique started touring in UK alongside Nocturnal Emissions (1st period) and keep playing different types of shows in the french underground scene. The sound mutated into an immersive technoïd form, keeping the essence of its origins, as if it just grown up instead of being radically different.
Variantes :


AT 01 Art & Technique - Clima-X illustration d'album Art & Technique Clima-X (Album) Hi-Tec Records AT 01 France 1981 Vendre cette version
AT 03 Art & Technique - Diabolus In Mecanica illustration d'album Art & Technique Diabolus In Mecanica(LP) Hi-Tec Records AT 03 France 1982 Vendre cette version
D!HR-39 Art & Technique - 071617182018 illustration d'album Art & Technique 071617182018(Cass) Da ! Heard It Records D!HR-39 France 2019 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

AT 02 Art & Technique - Putsch In Memoriam illustration d'album Art & Technique Putsch In Memoriam(7") Hi-Tec Records AT 02 France 1981 Vendre cette version
AT 04 Art & Technique - Alea Jacta Est illustration d'album Art & Technique Alea Jacta Est Hi-Tec Records AT 04 France 1983 Vendre cette version