American Punk band formed in 1989 in Huntington Beach, California. They have released 9 full-length studio albums and two live albums and have toured, including performances on the Vans Warped Tour.
They are infamous for their outrageous lyrics and behavior which are deliberately explicit, offensive and intended to shock, though usually in a humorous and sarcastic manner. This behavior has sometimes resulted in high-profile problems for the band, such as being banned from performing in Canada for several years due to onstage nudity, and leaving the 2004 Warped Tour amidst controversy over their political views and attitudes towards other performers on the lineup.

Current Members:
Mark Adkins – vocals (1988, 1989-present)
Clint "Cliff" Weinrich – bass guitar (1989-1995, 2003, 2006-present as a studio and occasional touring member)
Kevin Clark – bass guitar (2004-present as a touring and occasional studio member)
Ryan Farrell – drums (2005-present)
Dave Luckett – guitar (2008-present)
Brandon Zinkil - guitar (2009-present)
Justin Van Westbrook - bass (2009-present)

Past members:
Tim Baulch - drums (1988)
Barry Burnham - guitar (1988)
Eric "Derek" Davis – guitar (1988, 1989-2004)
Paul "Fang" - bass guitar (1988)
James Nunn (aka Captain/Admiral James T. Nunn) – drums (1989-1999), bass guitar (1999-2001)
Scott Sheldon – guitar, keyboards (1989-2008)
Steve "Stever" Rapp – bass guitar (1995-1999)
William Tyler "Ty" Smith (credited as T. Bradford on Gorgeous) – drums (1999-2005)
Donald "Don" Horne – guitar (2004-2008)
Hunter Munich – guitar (2008-2009)


Guttermouth - Full Length LP illustration d'album Guttermouth Full Length LP (Album) Dr. Strange Records, Dr. Strange Records US 1991 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Friendly People illustration d'album Guttermouth Friendly People (Album) Nitro Records US 1994 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Teri Yakimoto illustration d'album Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto (Album) Nitro Records US 1996 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Musical Monkey illustration d'album Guttermouth Musical Monkey (Album) Nitro Records US 1997 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Live From The Pharmacy illustration d'album Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy (Album) Nitro Records US 1998 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Gorgeous illustration d'album Guttermouth Gorgeous (Album) Nitro Records Japan 1999 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Covered With Ants illustration d'album Guttermouth Covered With Ants (Album) Epitaph Australia 2001 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Gusto illustration d'album Guttermouth Gusto (Album) Epitaph, Epic Europe 2002 Vendre cette version
78811 2 Guttermouth - Live At The House Of Blues illustration d'album Guttermouth Live At The House Of Blues(CD + DVD) Kung Fu Records 78811 2 US 2003 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Eat Your Face illustration d'album Guttermouth Eat Your Face (Album) Epitaph, Volcom Entertainment US 2004 Vendre cette version
none Guttermouth - Beyond Warped illustration d'album Guttermouth Beyond Warped(Hybrid, DualDisc) Immergent none US 2006 Vendre cette version
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Guttermouth - The Whole Enchilada illustration d'album Guttermouth The Whole Enchilada (Album) Rude Records (9), Bird Attack Records Europe 2017 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

Guttermouth - Puke illustration d'album Guttermouth Puke Dr. Strange Records US 1991 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Balls illustration d'album Guttermouth Balls (EP) Dr. Strange Records, Dr. Strange Records US 1991 Vendre cette version
Guttermouth - Untitled / Veggiecide illustration d'album Nonsense (3) / Guttermouth Nonsense (3) / Guttermouth - Untitled / Veggiecide Custodial Records US 1993 Vendre cette version
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HR601-1 Guttermouth - 11oz. illustration d'album Guttermouth 11oz.(7") Hopeless Records HR601-1 US 1993 Vendre cette version
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SHAGCD7051 Guttermouth - Chicken & Champagne illustration d'album Guttermouth / Mach Pelican Guttermouth / Mach Pelican - Chicken & Champagne(CD, EP) Shock (2), Shagpile SHAGCD7051 Australia 2000 Vendre cette version
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Guttermouth - Got It Made illustration d'album Guttermouth Got It Made (EP) Bird Attack Records USA & Canada 2016 Vendre cette version