The Surfaris


American surf rock band formed in 1962. Perhaps best known for two of their hit songs "Wipe Out" and "Surfer Joe". They eventually abandoned beach and hot-rod themes for a more folk rock style and had a number two hit in Japan with the song "Karen".

The original members:
James Fuller - Lead guitar
Bob Berryhill - Guitar
Pat Connolly - Bass
Ron Wilson - Drums

Additional members included:
Jim Pash - Sax

Bob Berryhill's tenure in the original band was from 1962 to 1966 and again from 1982 to 1983. He reformed another faction of the band called simply 'Surfaris' in the 1990's with his wife Gene, a concert violinist, playing bass guitar, their younger son Joel as the drummer and their eldest son Deven on guitar. They have released new material as this line up featuring surf rock done in a Christian style.

James Fuller played with the band until his passing in 1990. Fuller's son is keeping the original band going and can be contacted by Twitter @TheSurfaris62. , Facebook , Facebook , Instagram , Instagram , Wikipedia , YouTube ,
Membres:Bob Berryhill, Gene Berryhill, Jack Oldham, Jay Truax, Jim Fuller, Jim Pash, Ken Forssi, Patrick Connolly, Paul Johnson (4), Rob Watson, Ron Wilson (5)
Variantes :
Tout Voir | The Surfaris




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