Agent Orange (7) NJHate56

30 décembre 2015
I've haf both the silver and yellow label pressings from '81 and neither have that distinct scream before the second chorus on Bloodstains that I've heard is only in the original pressing. Wtf! Which is the original!?

Agent Orange (7) slamx

30 décembre 2015
On the Posh Boy single? I can ask Robbie for you, the band just got to Australia for a tour Mike's the only one left from back then anyway. But are you thinking maybe of the version that was on the ROTR comp in '80?

Agent Orange (7) slamx

23 octobre 2014
For all you Agent Orange fans and friends, I am sad to announce the passing of James Levesque this last weekend, October 19, 2014. For those of you that knew James or loved his music we will be holding a Memorial Fullerton Punks 1980 style in late December. Details will be announced on the Agent Orange Facebook page.

Agent Orange (7) mel_the_bell

29 juin 2018
Steve Soto has now passed sadly too :(

4 former members now gone

Agent Orange (7) notsavedjr

11 décembre 2014
oh man...that sucks...so sorry to hear...:(