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Lowlife were formed from the remnants of a Psychobilly band called Dead Neighbours. The original Dead Neighbours line up was Craig Lorentson (Vocals), David Steel (Bass), Ronnie Buchanan (Guitar) and Grant McDowall (drums).
After one mini LP, David Steel left the band. Will Heggie had just left the Cocteau Twins at that time and since he was from Grangemouth, as were the rest of Dead Neighbours, it was obvious that Will should replace David. Dead Neighbours recorded one album with Will, "Strangedays Strangeways".
From there Ronnie Buchanan left and Stuart Everest replaced him. At that time it was decided that it would be appropriate to change the music and band name.
Lowlife were formed taking the name from a Public Image Limited song.
Craig Lorentson passed away On Friday June the 4th 2010.

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Membres:Craig Lorentson, Grant McDowall, Hugh Duggie, Martin Fleming, Stuart Everest, Will Heggie




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