My Name Is Kay

Vrai nom:Kristin Boutilier

Emotional. Crazy. Soulful. Throwback. Electric. Ask emerging superstar KAY to list five adjectives that best sum up her sound, and she immediately ticks off those disparate yet captivating words. Which is coincidental because while "emotional, crazy, soulful, throwback" and "electric" do indeed conjure KAY's giddy, hiphop-goosed pop, they also serve as handy sub-headlines for a career trajectory that's zoomed from pastoral Nova Scotia to Los Angeles via London and Vancouver in just a few years, making believers out of tastemakers like DJ Tiesto and OneRepublic songwriter/producer Ryan Tedder along the way. And so the story of KAY unfolds. , Facebook , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Alias:Goldilox (3), K.A.Y., Kay Boutilier, Kristin Boutilier
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