Tim Young

Real Name:Tim Young

British mastering and cutting engineer. Started his career in 1971 as a runner for Trident Tape Services.
Worked from 1976 until 1993 at the former CBS Studios, London / Whitfield Street Recording Studios / The Hit Factory, London, starting as a copy engineer and later cutting vinyl records. He appears to have worked at The Town House as well in the 90's. In 1993, together with Ian Cooper and Tony Cousins, he built Metropolis Mastering and iMastering (a division of Metropolis), London, UK.

His work can be recognized by "timtom", "TY", "TY1", "TY2" or "TTY" etched in the runouts. Please credit as Lacquer Cut By using the appropriate ANVs Timtom, TY or TTY.
Note that 1 or 2 is not part of the ANV. When the studio name appears in the signature, please credit the studio in LCCN rather than as part of the ANV.

First non-US mastering engineer to win a Grammy Award (for his 5.1 Surround Sound mastering on The Beatles’ "Love" album).
Mastering Engineer of the Year 2011 at the Music Producers' Guild Awards. , , ,
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