Khruangbin Artietube

24 juillet 2019
With no disrespect intended I am wondering if and when Laura & Mark might do away with the "early 70's Tony Iommi wigs"?

Khruangbin BassTek43

20 octobre 2020
Well Laura's hair is real, and at this point i'm starting to think Mark's is too! haha

Khruangbin kosutasu

14 mars 2020
To be honest, i love this image and i don't want them to change :)

Khruangbin TAFIKI

13 décembre 2019
Doubt it'll happen for a while, its become tied to a successful image now and they do look pretty different without them, I hardly recognised Laura.

Khruangbin szaller

14 juin 2019
A Japanese collection of their rare tracks is available for pre-order (release date 12 July 2019):

Khruangbin AnOn-5

5 juillet 2019
It's also for sale on I found that process a whole lot easier.

Khruangbin danjonezz91

5 juillet 2019
edité about 1 year ago
How do you manage to checkout?. It isn't letting me put a postcode as japan just use numbers it looks like. Thanks for the tip though.

Khruangbin elektr0bi

12 février 2019
I wish someone took their stuff/albums/tracks on a dub plate/table and make dub versions. Their music/vibe is so spacious it just begs for it ! Just thought about it while listening to Christmas Time Is Here (Version Mary). They're amazing.

Khruangbin dubkarma

6 juillet 2019
You probably know by now that Khruangbin has heard your plea (and mine!) with the July 12, 2019 release of a dub version of their entire second album. It's entitled "Hasta El Cielo." Includes two extra tracks of dub versions by the great Jamaican dubmaster Scientist.

Khruangbin richieeee

12 juin 2019
Your wish was just granted. Shazam! Check it out:

Khruangbin as reviewed by unclefishbits

15 novembre 2018
I know they're not "throttling" vinyl production, but holy crap these limited releases are making them one of the most collectible bands in a LONG LONG time. For those who want to know their genre, thinkg "Psychedelic Vietnamese Movie Score Lounge Rock-Jazz" LOL They're simply the best. I don't have "favorite bands" very often.... but if they could tour the West Coast of the US with Fat Freddy's Drop, I could die happy. I still will die happy, but that would be epic.

Khruangbin szaller

14 juin 2019
There is a new Japanese collection of their rare tracks:
(The page is in Japanese but you can use Google translate to fill in the details - under 'prefecture' select the last entry which is 'overseas', the rest is easier.)

Khruangbin as reviewed by housedj75

14 septembre 2018
JUST saw them open for Leon Bridges a couple days ago. Had NO clue who they were. they damn near stole the show. ALL of them super tight. Kind of hard to describe but what I would say is they were perfect for dusk/night @ the Greek Theatre. Those guitar notes just gently floated into the warm night sky. Picke dup both their albums that night but have not yet had a chance to listen. All I can say is peep don't sleep!!!

Khruangbin lindy919

7 juillet 2018
I knew nothing about them and just happened to grab a copy of Con Todo El Mundo based solely on the band's name - thinking it would be some world/new age sound.I am now hooked on their ambient rock jams. So much better than what I had hoped for!

Khruangbin stelmaszak

3 décembre 2017

Khruangbin Arthit

30 avril 2014
Not too sure if there is any Thais in the band but the band name is "an airplane" in Thai language!