Handel*, Marie - Claire Alain, Jean - Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra*

German Baroque composer, born 23 February 1685 in Halle/Saale, Germany; died 14 April 1759 in London, UK.
He spent most of his adult life in England where his name was anglicized to ‘George Frideric [or Frederick] Handel’.
Variantes :
Tout | Georg Friedrich Händel | Affichage Handel*, Marie - Claire Alain, Jean - Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra*
C. F. Händel, C.F. Händel, F. G. Handel, F. Haendel, F. Händel, Fr. Händel, Frederick Haendel, Frideric Handel, Friedrich Handel, G / F/ Handel, G F H, G F Haendel, G F Handel, G F. Händel, G-F. Haendel, G. -F. Haendel, G. F Händel, G. F. Händel, G. F. Haende, G. F. Haendel, G. F. Handei, G. F. Händel, G. F. Hændel, G. F. Heandel, G. F. Hendel, G. F. Hendelis, G. F.Handel, G. Fr. Haendel, G. Fr. Händel, G. Frédéric Haendel, G. Frederick Handel, G. Frideric Haendel, G. Friedr. Händel, G. Friedrich Haendel, G. Friedrich Händel, G. H. Handel, G. Haendel, G. Haendle, G. Händel, G. Hendelis, G. Herndelis, G. J. Handel, G.-F. Haendel, G.-F. Händel, G.-F. Hændel, G.-Fr. Haendel, G.-Fr.Haendel, G.F Haendel, G.F Handel, G.F. Gandel, G.F. Haendel, G.F. Händel, G.F. Hændel, G.F. Heandel, G.F. Hendel, G.F. Hendelis, G.F.Haendel, G.F.Händel, G.Fr. Haendel, G.Fr. Händel, G.H. Haendel, G.H. Handel, G.Handel, G.ヘンデル, G⋅F⋅Händel, Gendel, Geo. F. Handel, Geor Friedrich Haendel, Georg - Friedrich Haendel, Georg - Friedrich Händel, Georg F. Haendel, Georg F. Händel, Georg Fr. Haendel, Georg Fr. Händel, Georg Frédéric Haendel, Georg Frederic Handel, Georg Frederich Handel, Georg Frederick Handel, Georg Fredrich Handel, Georg Frideric Handel, Georg Friderich Händel, Georg Fridric Handel, Georg Fridrich Handel, Georg Fridrih Hendl, Georg Fried. Händel, Georg Friederich Haendel, Georg Friederich Händel, Georg Friederich Hæendel, Georg Friedr. Händel, Georg Friedric Handel, Georg Friedrich Haendel, Georg Friedrich Handel, Georg Friedrich Händel (?), Georg Friedrich Harndel, Georg Friedrich Hændel, Georg Friedrich Hendel, Georg Friedrich Hsndel, Georg Friedrik Haendel, Georg Haendel, Georg Handel, Georg Philipp Händel, Georg-Friedrich Haendel, Georg-Friedrich Händel, Georg-Friedrich Hændel, George Frideric Handel, George F Handel, George F. Handel, George F. Hændel, George Fideric Handel, George Frederic Haendel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederich Handel, George Frederick, George Frederick Haendel, George Frederick Handel, George Frederik Handel, George Fredric Handel, George Fredrick Handel, George Freidrich Händel, George Frideric Haendel, George Frideric Handel, George Frideric Handel Open, George Frideric Jandel, George Friderich Handel, George Friderick Handel, George Friderik Handel, George Fridreic Handel, George Fridric Handel, George Fridrich Handel, George Fridrick Handel, George Friederic Handel, George Friederich Haendel, George Friederich Handel, George Friederik Handel, George Friedr. Händel, George Friedric Handel, George Friedrich Haendel, George Friedrich Handel, George Friedrich Hændel, George Frierich Handel, George Handel, Georges F. Haendel, Georges Frederic Haendel, Georges Frederic Händel, Georges Frédéric Hændel, Georges Frédérick Haendel, Georges Frideric Handel, Georges Friedrich Haendel, Georges-Frédéric Haendel, Georges-Frédéric Hændel, Georgh F. Haendel, Georgs Frīdrihs Hendelis, Geroge F. Handel, Geroge Frideric Handel, GF Haendel, GF Handel, Gf. Handel, Giorgio Federico Haendel, Giorgio Federico Händel, Goerge Frederic Handel, Gorge Frederic Handel, Gorge Friedrich Haendel, H ndel, H. F. Haendel, H. Fr. Händel, Haadel, Haändel, Haendal, Haendel, Haendel G. F., Haendel G.F., Haendel Georg Friedrich, Handel, Handel G. F., Händel Georg Friedrich, Handel, G.F., Handel, Georg Friderich, Händel, Georg Friedrich, Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759), Handel, George Frideric, Handel:, Handel*, Marie - Claire Alain, Jean - Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra, Handl, Handle, Hændel, Hendel, Hœndel, J. F. Händel, J. Frederic Handel, J.F. Haendel, Johann Friedrich Händel, Jorge Federico Handel, Mr. Handel, The Magnificent Mr. Handel, Xerxes, Χαίντελ, Χέντελ, А. Гендель, Г. Гендель, Г. Гендель), Г. Ф Гендель, Г. Ф. Гендель, Г. Ф. Хендл, Г. Фр. Гендель, Г. Фр. Хендел, Г.Гендель, Г.Ф. Гендель, Г.Ф. Хендел, Г.Ф.Гендель, Гендель, Георг Гендель, Георг Фридрих Гендель, Георг Фридрих Хендл, Георг Хендель, І. Г. Гендель, Т.Ф. Хендел, Ф. Гендель, Хандл, Хендел, ヘンデル
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