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Harm Coolen & Merijn Scholte Albers
Weval is a collaboration between two pals from the Netherlands - Harm Coolen (1986) and Merijn Scholte Albers (1989). Both Harm and Merijn have roots in the filming industry, which is also where they met in 2010. When they found out they were sharing the same love and ambition for creating electronic music they decided to team up as a producers duo. Merijns background is more triphop and rock orientated, Harm is influenced by jazz and house music. Because of their different backgrounds they blend the best of these genres together in their combined work.


Kompakt 352 Weval - Weval illustration d'album Weval Weval (Album) Kompakt Kompakt 352 Germany 2016 Vendre cette version
Kompakt 396 Weval - The Weight illustration d'album Weval The Weight (Album) Kompakt Kompakt 396 Germany 2019 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

ATM008 Weval - Half Age EP illustration d'album Weval Half Age EP (EP) Atomnation ATM008 Netherlands 2013 Vendre cette version
KOM 318 Weval - Easier EP illustration d'album Weval Easier EP(12", EP) Kompakt KOM 318 Germany 2014 Vendre cette version
KOMPAKT 344, KOM 344 Weval - It'll Be Just Fine / Grow Up illustration d'album Weval It'll Be Just Fine / Grow Up(12") Kompakt, Kompakt KOMPAKT 344, KOM 344 Germany 2015 Vendre cette version
KOMPAKTDIGITAL073 Weval - The Battle illustration d'album Weval The Battle(File, WAV, Single) Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL073 Germany 2016
KOMPAKTDIGITAL071 Weval - I Don't Need It illustration d'album Weval I Don't Need It(File, WAV, Single) Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL071 Germany 2016
KOMPAKTDIGITAL074 Weval - You're Mine illustration d'album Weval You're Mine(File, WAV, Single) Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL074 Germany 2016
KOMPAKTDIGITAL079 Weval - Weval Remix illustration d'album Weval Weval Remix Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL079 Germany 2017 Vendre cette version
FM X / Kompakt 9 Weval - The Weight Remixe illustration d'album Weval The Weight Remixe(12", Single) Kompakt Exklusiv FM X / Kompakt 9 Germany 2019 Vendre cette version


KOMPAKTDIGITAL084 Weval - Metazoa illustration d'album Weval Metazoa(File, MP3, 320) Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL084 Germany 2017