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David Thrussell
Australian electronic and industrial music project by David Thrussell, active since 1994.
ENE 046 Black Lung - Continuum: The Fire Front illustration d'album Limbo I Have No... Actions Of The Mind Limbo - Continuum: The Fire Front(CD, Album) Energeia ENE 046 Italy 1998 Vendre cette version
Black Lung - Innovation. Participation. Reward illustration d'album Black Lung Black Lung - Innovation. Participation. Reward (Album) Ant-Zen Germany 2014 Vendre cette version

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24 février 2016
Some techno records are aging quite quickly (most, I think) .. some are even better 20 years after ... mixing the more c ... the more p ... or the black lung them pt1 are still a big kick in a party ... and now most of the kids are talking about acid and mental ... let s go !!!!


9 mars 2006
edité over 13 years ago
on multiple occasions i have been thoroughly annoyed with the music of black lung. hearing a track which sampled 4 bars from "the journey home" by drexciya got me mad...but then to hear another track which flagrantly destroys "cindy electronium" by raymond scott made me furious. perhaps he is a disciple of bill leeb.

regardless of his lineage or personality, david thrussel is asking for someone to pound his face in with a copyright lawsuit.


15 novembre 2002
I find Black Lung a bit challenging. When I saw Thrussell DJing live a few years ago at the Punters Club (alas - it is now no more) I told him I'd bought "The Depopulation Bomb" and he wanted to know what I thought. Because he is a very approachable dude I told him exactly what I thought. "Some of the early trax and ones near the end were awesome, but the middle bits were very noodly." He smiled and seemed quite proud of my response. He liked the idea that some of his work was not easily listened to. If you have ever heard his radio show on 3pbs-fm called "Rude Mechanical" on Wednesdays at 11am in Australia you will know what I mean. (www.pbsfm.org.au) I just noted that he has recently renamed it "Rude Future" and has combined with Antediluvian Rocking Horse. I think ARH is an Ollie Olsen project. Another Melbourne music stalwart that deserves respect.

Having said that, the Black Lung "...confusion...profit..." EP CD has always excited me. This is based on certain trax on the Depopulation Bomb CD and the remixes/versions really pump out. It was always a killer CD. Track 5 Eugenics (2nd movement) contains a funny sample of some crap "singing and dancing" British TV show for oldies that was regularly shown on ABC TV in Australia in the late 70s. Well worth a listen.

It's great to have a local techno hero in Melbourne so I have tried to keep up with all the SNOG, Black Lung and SOMA releases.

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