Linkin Park


Alternative/Modern Rock band from Agoura Hills, California.

Linkin Park are one of the most popular bands of the so called "nü-metal" movement, along with Limp Bizkit, Korn and several others. Their sound is a wide range of influences, including metal, alternate rock, hip-hop, electronica and industrial. Linkin Park's debut album "Hybrid Theory" was a multi-platinum smash worldwide, selling over 30 million copies, 12 million of them in the US alone. Reanimation is the correspondent remix album.

Formed as Xero (5) in the winter of 1995/96, the band was renamed to Hybrid Theory in 1999. They were signed as a developing artist to Warner Bros. Records in late 1999, but the label advised them to change their name to avoid confusion with Hybrid, a popular House music group.

Looking for a new name, Hybrid Theory briefly considered "Lotus Foundation Project" and "Plear", before settling on "Linkin Park" in May 2000. This name was suggested by Chester Bennington after seeing a street sign for the park named "Lincoln Park" in Los Angeles. The spelling was changed to "Linkin Park" to acquire the internet domain "".

Frontman Chester Bennington died from suicide on July 20, 2017. , Tumblr , Wikipedia
Alias:Hybrid Theory (2), Mmm...Cookies, Xero (5)
Membres:Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Dave Farrell, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Scott Koziol
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