Richard Palmer-James

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Richard William Palmer-James
English guitarist and lyricist. Born 11 June 1947, in Bournemouth, England.
In the 1970s lyricist for King Crimson on albums “Larks’ Tongues In Aspic” (1973), “Starless And Bible Black” (1974) and “Red” (1974).
Prior to writing for King Crimson, he had played in various Bournemouth bands: The Corvettes, The Palmer-James Group (formed with Alec James), Tedrad and Ginger Man, all of which also included John Wetton on bass and vocals. He was a founding member of Supertramp in 1969; he performed and wrote the lyrics for their self-titled debut album under the name Richard Palmer and co-wrote the lyrics of the song “Goldrush”, a song that had existed since his early days in the band and finally been recorded on their 2002 album, “Slow Motion”.
In the 80's he joined briefly the German band Munich.
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