Dominic Genova

Dominic Genova

Vrai nom:Domenic Genova

A Los Angeles based studio bassist who has played on tours, records, TV, and movie dates during a career spanning 40 years.

Specializing in both string and electric bass, he has toured with Seals and Crofts and Olivia Newton-John. His playing has been featured on recordings by Laurence Juber, the Goo Goo Dolls and Beck among others.

He's also heard on the scores to the TV shows Family Guy, Roseanne, 7th Heaven, Home Improvement and the current hit, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, as well as such movies as The Lion King, U587 and X-Files The Movie.

Dans les groupes:Afterglow (15), Gerard Hagen Trio, Michael Vlatkovich Ensemblio, The Dennis Dreith Band, Vlatko (2)
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