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Michail Olmaster
The producer, DJ, MS, the Composer in all styles of the world, Writes the music since 1996. The musical Psychologist, the Professional Musician since 4 years with an experience more than 25 years, the musical teacher and the Psychologist-physiologist on the relations of people, one of the leading Hard Trance of musicians of Russia and the CIS, the first and only Hard Trance the producer of Moscow, also known remixer and the author of music in show business. Has the big number of performances on a classical professional scene as the DJ acted in many VIP clubs of Moscow in commercial and variety actions.

General Director (CEO) / A & R Manager / Producer / Compouser / DJ of a (ESR Label GROUP) Eternal Sun Records / (SUB) - Eternal Sun Industrial

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Abyssmaster, Acidclubberzz, Aciddarkstepmaster, Acidmaster, Acidrockmaster, Advancemaster, Aktshow, Allmaster, Allmasterclub, Apofeoz(Zz), Arenaclub, Arenamaster, Artmaster, Attackmaster, Awfulmaster, Beatclub., Beatmaster., Beautifulclub, Beautifulmaster, Bestcarmaster, Big Room Ground, Bluesmeiker(Zz), Brainmaster, Changeclub, Changemaster, Chaos-Hard-Reactiw, Chaosdancemaster, Chaosemotionalmaster, Chill777, chipomaster, Claustrophobiazz, Clubrockmaster, Crackheadedmasterzz, Darkclub, Darklift, Darkliftclub, Darkliftmaster, Darkmaster., Deathmaster., Dedokmaster, Depthclub, Depthmaster, Destructivepowerzz, Dibilizmer(Zz), Dibilizmerzz, DJ Greidor, Dr.Universe, Dreamclub, Dreammaster, Dullnesssoundzz, Dyrka, Dyrkamaster, E S M, E S R, Ecologymaster, Electroliftclub, Electroliftmaster, Elektrostyler(Zz), Energyclub, Epiclift, Esrclub, Eternal Memory, Eternalsun Rulezz, Euroclub, Exoticmaster, Extazclub, Extazmaster, Extazmaster(Zz), Fireclub, Firemaster., Floorclub, Forceclub, Forcemaster, Forcingmaster, Fulliceclub, Fullicemaster, Funkrockmaster, Galaktikmaster, Galaxyclub, Garmonaizer(Zz), Generalclub, Generalmaster, Generatorclub, Generatormaster, Gentlemaster, Globalmaster, Gloommaster, Goytrancemaster, Greidor, Greidor & Adora, Greidor & Friends, Greidor Allmaster, Greidor R., Greidor Rocktransovich, Guardmaster, H.R.E.H., Hardbasserzz, Hardbluesmaster, Hardclub, Hardhouseclub, Hardhousemaster, Hardhouserzz, Hardlift, Hardliftclub, Hardliftmaster, Hardmaster., Hardmasterzz, Hardprikol, Hardreactiw, Hardreactorzz, Hardrock-Housemaster, Hardstationmaster, Hardstylemaster, Harmonyclub, Harmonymaster, Heatermaster, Historymaster, Hymnclub, Hymnmaster, Hyperclub, Introrockmaster, Jumpstepmaster, Kabakmaster, Kidalovomaster, Kingclub, Kingmaster, Komandiria, Komandiria(Zz), Kotelmaster, Kraftmaster, Lacrimalmaster, Liberatmaster, Loveclub., Lovemaster, Lovemaster(Zz), Memorymaster, Metalerы-zx, Mikrorazlogeniezz, Mistikomaster, Moscow Rulezz, Mr. Greidor pres. Acidclubberzz, Musarnya-zx, Needclub, Nocommentzz, Noproblemclub, Noproblemmaster, Oceanclub, Oldclub, Orderclub, Ordermaster, Out R., Overdriveclub, Oxygenclub, Oxygenmaster, Oyemaster-zx, Pankerzz, Partyclub, Partymaster, Pessimistmaster, Pilorama-zx, Planetmaster, Poetmaster, Pofigistmaster, Pogarerzz, Powerclub, Powermaster, Prikol, Proglift, Progliftclub, Proshivmaster, Protestmaster, Pulseclub, Pulsemaster., Raveclub, Razgrommaster, Razlogeniezz, Reactiveclub, Reactiwrockmaster, Reasonmaster, Roadclub, Roadmaster., Rockclubberzz, Rockmasterzz, Rockplektr(Zz), Rocktranserы(Zz), Romanticmaster, Romanticmaster 777, S.B.V.master, Saintclub, Saintmaster, SBV, Schranzmaster, Searchmaster, Sensemaster, Skymaster., Spaceclub, Spacemaster., Speedclub, Stanokmaster, Starter & Greidor, Strongactionzz, Sufferingclub, Sufferingmaster, Summerclub, Summermaster, Sxodka-zx, Tabletkomaster, Techlift, Technochorus(Zz), Technoclub, Technodrumermaster, Technorockmaster, Technostartmaster, Tekbeiser(Zz), Termocoremaster, Termostylemaster, Termotrancemaster, Termoyadmaster, Terrormaster (2), Terrormaster., Timeclub, Timemaster., Tornadomaster, Trancemaster., Trancestepmaster, Transitionmaster, TTF., Ultrarockmaster, Universe 777, Varevomaster, Varevozz 3 Тысичиzz, Violatorclub, Violatormaster, Virtuozmaster, Warmmaster, Workmaster, Worlclub, Worldmaster, Zoneclub, Бадья-zx, Бухловоз, Династия-zx, Дублёнка-zx, Дубудавалово-zx, Жабомастер, Жиртрес-zx, Лязги-zx, Отходняк-zx, Скотобойник-zx, Хлебальник-zx
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ESR-100 Mr.Greidor - We Enter A Trance (Anniversary-Hymn ESR № 100) illustration d'album Extazmaster, Mr.Greidor Extazmaster, Mr.Greidor - We Enter A Trance (Anniversary-Hymn ESR № 100)(18xFile, WAV, Album, Maxi) Eternal Sun Records ESR-100 Russia 2016

Singles & EPs

ESR-025 Mr.Greidor - Impact Of Death (Eternal Memory) illustration d'album A & E Project, Mr.Greidor A & E Project, Mr.Greidor - Impact Of Death (Eternal Memory)(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-025 Russia 2015
ESR-065 Mr.Greidor - Exit From Darkness / Trance Lyrics Anthem illustration d'album Mr.Greidor, Generalmaster, Poetmaster Mr.Greidor, Generalmaster, Poetmaster - Exit From Darkness / Trance Lyrics Anthem(2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-065 Russia 2016
ESR-039 Mr.Greidor - Tranceintoxication illustration d'album Dr.Universe, Mr.Greidor Dr.Universe, Mr.Greidor - Tranceintoxication(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-039 Russia 2016
ESR-042 Mr.Greidor - Give Way ! / MERCEDES & BMW ! illustration d'album Mr.Greidor, Ordermaster, Bestcarmaster Mr.Greidor, Ordermaster, Bestcarmaster - Give Way ! / MERCEDES & BMW !(2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-042 Russia 2016
ESR-048 Mr.Greidor - Analysis Of Knowledge illustration d'album Dr.Universe, Mr.Greidor Dr.Universe, Mr.Greidor - Analysis Of Knowledge(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-048 Russia 2016
ESR-213 Mr.Greidor - Poetry In Love / Way To Perfection illustration d'album Artmaster, Advancemaster, Mr.Greidor Artmaster, Advancemaster, Mr.Greidor - Poetry In Love / Way To Perfection(File, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-213 Russia 2017
ESR-218 Mr.Greidor - Call From The Sky / Infrared Degree illustration d'album Skymaster., Heatermaster, Mr.Greidor Skymaster., Heatermaster, Mr.Greidor - Call From The Sky / Infrared Degree(2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-218 Russia 2017
ESR-205 Mr.Greidor - In The World Mortal Darkness illustration d'album Dr.Universe, Mr.Greidor Dr.Universe, Mr.Greidor - In The World Mortal Darkness(File, WAV, Single) Eternal Sun Records ESR-205 Russia 2017
ESR-260 Mr.Greidor - Aspiration To High Love / Condition Of Life illustration d'album Mr.Greidor, Lovemaster, Reasonmaster Mr.Greidor, Lovemaster, Reasonmaster - Aspiration To High Love / Condition Of Life(2xFile, WAV, EP) Eternal Sun Records ESR-260 Russia 2018