Krautrock > electronic experimental > electro-pop band from Düsseldorf, Germany, formed in 1970.

Formerly known as Organisation, Kraftwerk debuted live as the trio of Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider-Esleben and Charly Weiss at the Tivoli Popfestival, Aachen on 11 July 1970. Klaus Dinger took over as drummer after that. Gigs between 26 December 1970 and 30 July 1971 omitted Hutter, with various line-ups including Michael Rother and others. Dinger & Rother then split-off forming Neu!. First known Hutter/Schneider gig is 2 February 1972 at the Fabrik, Altona, Hamburg, which instigated the partnership that developed into the well-known electro pop band continuing for decades with an expanded line-up after the hit single Autobahn.

Current members:
Ralf Hütter (July 1970 to December 1970, January 1972-) Lead Vocals, Vocoder, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Organ, Drums and Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Henning Schmitz (1987-) Electronic Percussion (1987–) Sound Engineering
Fritz Hilpert (1987-) Electronic Percussion, Sound Engineering
Falk Grieffenhagen (2013-) Video Technician

Former Members:
Karl Bartos (1975-1991) Electronic Percussion
Klaus Dinger (1970-1971) Drum
Wolfgang Flür (1973-1987) Electronic Percussion
Andreas Hohmann (1970) Drum
Eberhard Kranemann (1970) Bass Guitar
Thomas Lohmann (1970) Drum
Houschäng Néjadepour (1970) Electric Guitar
Michael Rother (1971) Electric Guitar
Florian Schneider-Esleben (1970–2008)
Charly Weiss (1970) Drums
Plato Kostic (a.k.a. Plato Riviera) (1970) Bass Guitar
Peter Schmidt (1970) Drums
Emil Schult (1973) Electric guitar, Electronic violin
Klaus Röder (1974) Electric guitar, Electronic violin
Fernando Abrantes (1991) Electronic Percussion, Synthesizer
Stefan Pfaffe (2008-2012) Video Technician

Maxime Schmitt has been a close friend of the group as well as an advisor and collaborator.
Emil Schult has also collaborated on many releases, contributing both lyrics and graphics.
Variantes :


Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk illustration d'album Kraftwerk Kraftwerk (Album) Philips Germany 1970 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2 illustration d'album Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 2 (Album) Philips Germany 1972 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian illustration d'album Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian (Album) Philips Germany 1973 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Autobahn illustration d'album Kraftwerk Autobahn (Album) Philips Canada 1974 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Radio-Aktivität illustration d'album Kraftwerk Radio-Aktivität (Album) Kling Klang, HÖR ZU, EMI Electrola Argentina 1975 Vendre cette version
RL 10-6 Kraftwerk - Ralf And Florian / Atlantic Crossing illustration d'album Kraftwerk / Rod Stewart Kraftwerk / Rod Stewart - Ralf And Florian / Atlantic Crossing(LP, Transcription) AFRTS RL 10-6 US 1975 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express illustration d'album Kraftwerk Trans Europa Express (Album) Kling Klang, Kling Klang, EMI Electrola, EMI Electrola Germany 1977 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Die Mensch·Maschine illustration d'album Kraftwerk Die Mensch·Maschine (Album) Kling Klang, Kling Klang, EMI Electrola France 1978 Vendre cette version
RL 21-8 Kraftwerk - The Man Machine / Future Bound illustration d'album Kraftwerk / Tavares Kraftwerk / Tavares - The Man Machine / Future Bound(LP, Transcription) AFRTS, United States Department Of Defense RL 21-8 US 1978 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Computerwelt illustration d'album Kraftwerk Computerwelt (Album) Kling Klang, EMI Electrola Germany 1981 Vendre cette version
RL 25-1 Kraftwerk - Computerworld / Come And Get It illustration d'album Kraftwerk / Whitesnake Kraftwerk / Whitesnake - Computerworld / Come And Get It(LP, Transcription) AFRTS, United States Department Of Defense RL 25-1 US 1981 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe illustration d'album Kraftwerk Electric Cafe (Album) Kling Klang, EMI, EMI, EMI Italy 1986 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - The Mix illustration d'album Kraftwerk The Mix (Album) Kling Klang, Electrola Italy 1991 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks illustration d'album Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtracks (Album) EMI, EMI Brazil 2003 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum illustration d'album Kraftwerk Minimum-Maximum (Album) EMI US 2005 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog) illustration d'album Kraftwerk 3-D (Der Katalog) (Album) Kling Klang, Parlophone Europe 2016 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - 3-D (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) illustration d'album Kraftwerk 3-D (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) (Album) Parlophone, Kling Klang USA & Europe 2017 Vendre cette version
RL 34-5 Kraftwerk - Styx II / Autobahn illustration d'album Styx / Kraftwerk Styx / Kraftwerk - Styx II / Autobahn(LP, Transcription) Afrts RL 34-5 US Unknown Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck illustration d'album Kraftwerk Ruckzuck Philips South Africa 1970 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Kohoutek - Kometenmelodie illustration d'album Kraftwerk Kohoutek - Kometenmelodie (Single) Philips Germany 1973 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian illustration d'album Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian Philips 1973 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Mitternacht / Morgenspaziergang / Kometenmelodie illustration d'album Kraftwerk Mitternacht / Morgenspaziergang / Kometenmelodie (EP, Single) Philips Germany 1974 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Autobahn illustration d'album Kraftwerk Autobahn (Single) Philips US 1974 Vendre cette version
Kling-Klang Verlag GmbH Kraftwerk - Mitternacht illustration d'album Kraftwerk Mitternacht(Acetate, 10", Mono) Philips Kling-Klang Verlag GmbH 1974 Vendre cette version
Kraftwerk - Kometenmelodie 2 illustration d'album Kraftwerk Kometenmelodie 2 (Single) Philips UK 1974 Vendre cette version

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26 avril 2019
They invented techno ... does anything more need to be said ? ...


8 février 2019
edité 4 months ago
All things new and to certain measure extreme Kraftwerk ever did musically speaking or else purveryoring technology as a mean to composition , there is something even more fundamental implicated with their foundation. They were the messengers of a zeitgeist.
In the German context they represent the new post war Germany, the one achieved by total and literal deconstructionism, the one inmolated in rapid growth for progress, dedicated, souless, individualistic, productive, relativistic, cynical to a great measure.

For me it's rather interesting that German director Werner Fassbinder included Kraftwerk as part of the soundtrack for the adaptation of Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz back in the 70s. It's a gesture not exempt from political implications.

In the world context Kraftwerk is the angel trumpet announcing the beginning of a new glorious era, the triumph from liberal democracy and capitalism. Again. Unlimited progress, individualism but also the advent of a more veiled accent borderline with dystopia and apocalypse. All Kraftwerk epic tracks, unforgettable now in world culture are strongly political statements with intelligent display for mere entertainment.

Take for example "Autobahn". It depicts the progress dream envisioned by prewar Germany (both Volkswagen and autobahn were envisioned by Nazis) only now contextualized in different terms, the ones from post modernism and democratic capitalism. The lyrics are cyclic and somehow its repetition gives the indication of something unaccomplished

"Jetzt schalten wir ja das Radio an
Aus dem Lautsprecher klingt es dann:
Wir fah'rn auf der Autobahn" And it does start again...
The task seems endless but the mission is complete. The endless drive of progress...
A similar statement is veiled in Europe endlöss. A view that doesn't contain any limit and thus a place the individual is rather insignificant and apparent, such a mount of veiled solitude is alluded.

Radioaktivität is an obvious reference to the cold War but the most sinister undertone comes from the anticipation of nuclear disasters such as Tchernobyl or Fukushima and not just the menace of atomic war. "Its in the air for you and me... ".
And continues to be! Perhaps everyday more than before now.

The robots and Computerwelt, is it anything more obvious? In the original context from 1970s Germany is rather ubiquitous the presence of this robotic and souless world, human beings who act and live devoid of any meaning other than accomplishing the task of robots. The Kraftwerk performance of this track is absolutely explicit.
In the world of today this is our daily life. People spending half of their days and nights watching all kind of screens, computing, living automatically, frantically masturbating with multitasking, losing ground with anything that is not demarked by the function of the task itself.
"We are the robots".

Das model, been one of the most melodic of the tracks they ever made. It is so stylish and glamorous, just as the lyrics, yet, once again, symptoms of our times and the politics of reality appear.
This chick who is only reanimated by the flashlight or the attention from many men, who lives for her image and thus her appearance and seems to be an impossible "object" for the narrator is both the age of extreme narcissism we live today and the absolute dedication of been recognized by the exterior, social media anyone?
"It only takes a camera to change her mind"

Kraftwerk is contradictory. An envelope of automatic rhythms and simple notes, almost frivolous at times it seems... But never forget they are Germans.
True art is ambiguous and even apparent.
Pop for another 1000 years of culture, maybe a lot less than that...


4 février 2018
Kraut rock, garage eletronic, ambient, electro (founders of the genre I would say) and synth pop and probably a few more styles. The precursor of the precursor. Legendary and untouchable. Amazing that these guys invented this sound so long ago and it still hasn't been been duplicated. I bow humbly to thee.


21 mai 2017
I went to see them yesterday at Antwerp, both Autobahn and Radioactivity shows.
Brilliant, both they always have been, and always will be.


9 février 2017
The 2009 remastered cd versions are the cat's ass - no vinyl needed. The sound is absolutely stunning !


6 janvier 2017
When it comes to muscial inspiration and influence people automatically reel of the names....beatles, led zeppelin, clash which is totally plausible but these guys for some unknown reason escape everyones radar? without kraftwerk you wouldnt of had the elctro bands of the 80s like depeche mode, blancmnage, nor the post punk of joy division as Sumner openly stated that Kraftwerk influenced him at an early age. No Joy Division means no New order!
After looking at a few of their song titles, do you really need any additional description of their sound? "Pocket Calculator," "Autobahn," "Metropolis," "Electric Cafe," "Computer World," and "Ohm Sweet Ohm" correctly cast this animatronic ensemble as the creators of musical LED displays and cold steel configurations. Their Techno/pop sound reproduces the rigid "Kling Klang" of industry. Their music is so lost in the matrix of artificial intelligence, a soul emerges. And a Funk as well.
Their history has taken them from a handful of musicians of an inscrutable pedigree that created illusory Krautrock in a vibrant German avant-garde to the vanguard of electronic pop. Their contributions to the histories of dance and electronic music is immeasurable.


20 avril 2016
I have a gatefold double vinyl album that is in a black sleeve with sound-waves in blue and white. Bought new around 1970. And just called Kraftwerk. Although I see some tracks listed here I don't see that version? It is on Vertigo with the black and white psychedelic label. I think later versions had the spacecraft?


15 juillet 2015
Aaaah kraftwerk is a great band
the man machine is my number one favorite album like the robots is my number one favorite song about them


12 avril 2014
Hi everybody.
Hope someone can solve a little doubt.
On forum Italia we discussed about a misprinting or varation name of band Kraftwerk found Kraftwork.
as you can see on labels:
We have to decide if it's really a misprinted incorrect name or band had good reason to have a variation name.
Thank you for a kind reply.


28 mars 2014
I managed to find a 7" copy of Kommetenmelodie and Autobahn on Warner Brothers, any kind of rarity in that?

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