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LUCIE DEHLI is a French composer, singer, producer and visual artist.
She started her musical career in an experimental music duet she created with Stephan Ink in 1990 under the name VICIOUS CIRCLE .
The French team became one of the very rare bands who entered the UK territory with their sound. The legendary English label SomeBizarre (Soft cell, The The, Einsturzende Neubauten...) took interest in VICIOUS CIRCLE and released their sole album BARBED WIRE SLIDES.
Often considered as ambient or shoegaze this Album was in fact the missing link between the 80’s cold wave and the industrial 90’s, the common ancestor to Portishead and The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud.
The album was reedited in 2009 by the French Label Infrastition.
Lucie Dehli and Stephan Ink came back later to France to sign with Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier for two albums (Bike Ride, Life Goes on Again) under the name of VIEW, featuring the French percussionist Franck Vaillant. The voice of LUCIE DEHLI brought View to the German label Hyperium compilation called Heavenly Voices that spread “Bikeride'' all over the world.
Several years ago Lucie decided to settle in Liege ,Belgium.
She took part in the experimental collective project of Jean Marie Mathoul -48 Cameras- (featuring David Coulter, Michael Gira, Rodolphe Burger..).
In 2006 she started Elephant Leaf with Stephan Ink, a nuanced evolution of their previous works, with whom she released two more albums : EMOTIONAL POWER in 2006 and THE TASTE OF SALT in 2010. (For a complete discography please visit Bandcamp.)
Apart from all that, LUCIE DEHLI gave her voice, compositions, and energy to many different projects, among them the Norwegian Jazz Band Ignore and the British New Wave Band Attrition.
Today, LUCIE DEHLI is coming out as a solo musician, bringing us even closer to her meaningful themes, traveling between introspection and lightness. , Bandcamp , Facebook
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