3776 (Minanaro) is the Japanese local idol unit of Mt. Fuji area. Mt. Fuji is a famous mountain peak of Japan, and Mt. Fuji is 3776 meters high, so 3776 was named it. Pronunciation "3776" was made into an old Japanese number reading "Mi-na-na-ro”.

Ishida Akira—A music producer, is appointed to Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and the predecessor group TEAM MII (Team M-Two) has been active for a limited time since June 2012. In April 2013, 3776 was formed in the form of taking over TEAM MII. Afterwards, activities are continued through "Season # 0", "Season # 1", "Season # 2", through the exchange of members several times until June 2014. Starting in August 2014, the only solo project "Season # 3" of the remaining member Ide Chiyono started. The first CD 「ラブレター(love letter)」 is released as "Season # 3" on December 28, 2014.

The 1st full album 「3776を聴かない理由があるとすれば(If there is a reason not to listen to 3776)」 released on October 28, 2015. This is a well-made concept album with the theme of "mountain climbing Mt. Fuji". The metamorphosis is used, the avant-garde tune reminiscent of New Wave, and the fancy construction such as "the total playing time becomes 3776 seconds(!)”, it received favorable evaluation from Japanese music critics and musicians.

In September 2016, The 1st solo album 「もうすぐ高校生活(Immediately High School Life)」 released under the name of Ide Chiyono. Also, from 2015, the style "Minanaro Extended" in which Producer Ishida Akira is a guitar player and Ide Chiyono gives improvisation using loop machines (RC-300, RC-505, MX-1 etc.) was announced. 2016 On June 15th, the first CD name under the "Minanaro Extended" 「僕だけのハッピーエンド (My only happy end)」 was released.

From May 2017, a new mode "Link Idol 3776" was announced, and songs with different lyrics and songs (version of Ide Chiyono and version of Hirose Aina—ex. Peach sugar snow) are presented at different stages with the same title. It was an experimental attempt. However, this ended in April 2018.

As of May, 2018, 3776 has restarted again as a solo project by Ide Chiyono.
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NAMA-0004 3776 - 私の世界遺産 illustration d'album 3776 私の世界遺産(CD, MiniAlbum) Natural Make NAMA-0004 Japan 2013 Vendre cette version
3776 - ラブレター illustration d'album 3776 ラブレター (MiniAlbum) Natural Make Japan 2014 Vendre cette version
3776 - 3776を聴かない理由があるとすれば illustration d'album 3776 3776を聴かない理由があるとすれば (Album) Natural Make Japan 2015 Vendre cette version
NAMA-0031 3776 - 歳時記 illustration d'album 3776 歳時記(Minimax, Album) Natural Make NAMA-0031 Japan 2019 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

NAMA-0005 3776 - 心配のタネ illustration d'album 3776 心配のタネ(CD, Maxi) Natural Make NAMA-0005 Japan 2014 Vendre cette version
NAMA-0009 3776 - 3.11 illustration d'album 3776 3.11(CD, Single) Natural Make NAMA-0009 Japan 2015 Vendre cette version
NRSP-729 3776 - 八合目にゃまだ早い c/w 日本全国どこでも富士山 illustration d'album 3776 八合目にゃまだ早い c/w 日本全国どこでも富士山(7", Single) Narisu Records NRSP-729 Japan 2016 Vendre cette version
3776 - 私のものです!〈静岡版〉 illustration d'album 3776 私のものです!〈静岡版〉 Narisu Records Japan 2017 Vendre cette version
NAMA-0017 3776 - 公開実験《静岡版》 illustration d'album 3776 公開実験《静岡版》(CD, Maxi) Natural Make NAMA-0017 Japan 2017 Vendre cette version
NAMA-0006 3776 - 序曲 illustration d'album 3776 序曲(CD, Maxi) Natural Make NAMA-0006 Japan 2017 Vendre cette version
EXTN-3776 3776 - 僕だけのハッピーエンド illustration d'album Minanaro Extended* 僕だけのハッピーエンド(12") Narisu Records EXTN-3776 Japan 2018 Vendre cette version
ICYN-3776 3776 - 観覧逃げ / 富士山の成り立ち概要 illustration d'album 3776 観覧逃げ / 富士山の成り立ち概要(7", Single, Ltd, Blu) なりすレコード ICYN-3776 Japan 2018 Vendre cette version
none O'Chawanz meets 3776 O'Chawanz meets 3776 - ラブレター・リターンズ/ゆうれい商店街・リターンズ(CDr, Single) Not On Label none Japan 2019 Vendre cette version


NAMV-R001 3776 - 3776ライブに行かない理由があるとすれば illustration d'album 3776 3776ライブに行かない理由があるとすれば(Blu-ray-R) Natural Make NAMV-R001 Japan 2016 Vendre cette version