Neither/Neither World

Vrai nom:Wendy Van Dusen

"Nature prohibits nothing" A caption from the quote by the Marquis De Sade etched in bold letters on the inside of Neither/Neither World's first CD, Sociopathic Pleasures. The statement best captures the movement of this band. They blend the perfect sounds of bands like Mazzy Star and The Creatures to create their own lush and unique aesthetic.

Some contributors that have been on previous releases are Monte Cazazza, Elden M of Allegory Chapel and The Haters, and drummer of the infamous Dwarves. Singer/Songwriter Wendy Van Dusen limits herself to nothing, composing music that forces the listener to the inner reaches of their psyche and spirit. She is also known to work with bands such as Dive, IT (Minus Habens), as well as offering her haunting vocals to movie soundtracks.

In Neither/Neither World live performances, the audience is always certain of one thing, they never know what to expect. Drawing a crowd from all areas of the world, the shows themselves become a sort of voodoo rite of passage at the end of the world. It is always exhilarating but maybe somewhat frightful to the uninitiated. Wendy Van Dusen, who has been known to saunter on stage wearing a cat suit and wielding an ax, carries the air of an exotic villain, and has the vocal range to mimic the very cry of demons residing in our minds, or to resonate through the audience like a strong torch singer from a sultry past. Wolves cry in the night in celebration of magnificence and boundlessness of nature as does the limitless compositions of the music of Neither/Neither World.

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Membres:Tim Madison, Wendy Van Dusen
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