Vrai nom:
Jean Rouillard
DJ / producer of Deep House, House Music, Techno, Trance, Progressive House, Minimal This independent Producer of Dutch origin and to Nantes, is born and raised in Paris began venturing in production from this past years.
He begin the musical production in 2014 with the first release "Welcome to Deep House Nation".
His first album he created is Summer in Corsica 2015 including the sumptuous piece "Coucher de Soleil" released under the label Deep House Nation , who was remixed by 7 artists and released in a EP under the label DjEef's Records and Red Island production for the remix Afro/House by D.O.R Projects.
He signed a fabulous tracks and remixes on the other labels.

He ranks in a lot of compilations.
He release some collections and is feature in Apple Music rankings.
Having a good musical ear and loving the production, he creates all this original titles and remasterises them himself, works with the best software, Logic Pro X for production, Izotope for mastering, Serato for the mix.
He can mixing in cd and in vinyl too.

He learned music theory from the age of eight.
He led generalist parties at Club Med from 2006 to 2008.
He animates deep house evenings at the Coliseum bar of Porticcio in Corsica in 2012.
During winter 2013, he works at the Cozy , a bar localized in Paris for the Deep House party.
Launched his web tv in 2014 named "planet dj mix" where he realized many podcast in Live which is became a new label.
From now, he are choose to be consecrated at the SEO , he produces and mixing alway for his pleasure


DHN007 DJ EEF - Summer 2016 illustration d'album DJ EEF Summer 2016(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DHN007 US 2016
NEWBEGINNING DJ EEF - New Beginning illustration d'album DJ EEF New Beginning(File, MP3) Deep House Nation NEWBEGINNING 2016
DHN002 DJ EEF - One Millions Star illustration d'album DJ EEF One Millions Star(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DHN002 US 2016
WINTER DJ EEF - Winter 2016 illustration d'album DJ EEF Winter 2016(File, MP3) Deep House Nation WINTER US 2016

Singles & EPs

none DJ EEF - House Of Love (Extended Mix) illustration d'album DJ EEF House Of Love (Extended Mix)(File, AAC, Single, 256) DjEef's Records none France 2016


TRAVEL DJ EEF - Travel illustration d'album DJ EEF Travel(File, MP3) Deep House Nation TRAVEL US 2015
DEEPFORALIFE DJ EEF - Deep For A Life illustration d'album DJ EEF Deep For A Life(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DEEPFORALIFE 2015
FEELTHEHEAT DJ EEF - Feel The Heat illustration d'album DJ EEF Feel The Heat(File, MP3) Deep House Nation FEELTHEHEAT US 2015
CAT36001 DJ EEF - Make me Dance illustration d'album DJ EEF Make me Dance(File, MP3) Deep House Nation CAT36001 US 2015
CAT34885 DJ EEF - Dirty Happy illustration d'album DJ EEF Dirty Happy(File, MP3) Deep House Nation CAT34885 US 2015
DEEPHOUSENATION DJ EEF - Welcome To Deep House Nation illustration d'album DJ EEF Welcome To Deep House Nation(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DEEPHOUSENATION US 2015
CAT40337 DJ EEF - Berlin Vision illustration d'album DJ EEF Berlin Vision(File, MP3) Deep House Nation CAT40337 US 2015
CAT36023 DJ EEF - Rainbow Nebula illustration d'album DJ EEF Rainbow Nebula(File, MP3) Deep House Nation CAT36023 US 2015
10109366 DJ EEF - Sound System (Extended Mix) illustration d'album DJ EEF Sound System (Extended Mix)(File, MP3) DjEef's Records 10109366 Germany 2016
10109125 DJ EEF -  Coucher de soleil (Extended Mix) illustration d'album DJ EEF Coucher de soleil (Extended Mix)(File, MP3) DjEef's Records 10109125 Germany 2016
10380196 DJ EEF - Resonance (Extended Mix) illustration d'album DJ EEF Resonance (Extended Mix)(File, MP3) DjEef's Records 10380196 Germany 2016
DHN004 DJ EEF - Abstraction illustration d'album DJ EEF Abstraction(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DHN004 US 2016
WMC DJ EEF - WMC Miami Tech House 2016 illustration d'album DJ EEF WMC Miami Tech House 2016(File, MP3) Deep House Nation WMC US 2016
DEEPTRIPTECH DJ EEF - Deep Trip Tech illustration d'album DJ EEF Deep Trip Tech(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DEEPTRIPTECH US 2016
10109533 DJ EEF - Powerful Vibrations (Extended Mix) illustration d'album DJ EEF Powerful Vibrations (Extended Mix)(File, MP3) DjEef's Records 10109533 Germany 2016
LIGHTHOUSE DJ EEF - Light House illustration d'album DJ EEF Light House(File, MP3) Deep House Nation LIGHTHOUSE US 2016
CAT40326 DJ EEF - Just One Touch illustration d'album DJ EEF Just One Touch(File, MP3) Deep House Nation CAT40326 US 2016
DESTINATION DJ EEF - Destination Imagination illustration d'album DJ EEF Destination Imagination(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DESTINATION US 2016
DEEPNESS DJ EEF - Deepness illustration d'album DJ EEF Deepness(File, MP3) Deep House Nation DEEPNESS US 2016
10109665 DJ EEF - Your Underground (Remastered Version) illustration d'album DJ EEF Your Underground (Remastered Version)(File, MP3, RM, 320) DjEef's Records 10109665 France 2016