The Orb psykool8

19 février 2021
One of their best, hard to find it, lost it the quantity of releases:

The Orb area43

7 février 2021
it was just updated on january 19, 2021. have a read.

The Orb adiscombug

3 septembre 2020
What is this: "Disembodied Voices", Today, it's not on The Orb website. And can't find it anywhere else. Can anyone confirm?

The Orb Jaka

6 octobre 2020
Can confirm nothing, but based on the song titles and lengths, as well as the missing "The", I think it's pretty safe to assume it's one of the other artists that go by "Orb" (likely the garage rock band), rather than The Orb.

The Orb 256Pi

1 avril 2020
edité about 1 year ago
Counterpoint to the commenter below me: Do bother with anything after '94. While those first three albums with Thrash are all pretty easily among their strongest work, they've still been putting out plenty of great material without him for years after the fact. I for one love Toxygene and the stuff they were doing immediately after Orbus Terrarum, and all their albums since have had different interesting flavors to them that make them all worth checking out (I personally hold The Dream on par with their early stuff, love it to bits, but I get that's not everyone's cup of tea, if you like their more ambient stuff make sure you check out Okie Dokie or Chill Out World or Moonbuilding). Paterson and company have stayed creative and engaging years after their prime, even to this day (No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds and Abolition Of The Royal Familia are great too), so don't sleep on their most recent stuff either.

The Orb OffLabelUse

9 juin 2020
What ya think about 'Pomme Fritz' and that (for the Orb) aggro, 'industrial' sound?

The Orb rlittler1981

14 mai 2020
Absolutely. Moonbuilding is probably my favourite album and was the start of a great run of albums.

The Orb reTcon

2 avril 2020
edité about 1 year ago
I second that. There's a lot to like after 1994. particularely "Moonbuilding" and the new album " Abolition of the Royal Familia", which is a masterpiece.

The Orb as reviewed by lerosa

12 août 2019
Don't bother with anything after '94, for better or worse Trash was the visionary of the Orb, compare their Live 93 to Toxygene, worlds apart. Hughes or Falconer really didn't get remotely close.

The Orb Jaka

6 octobre 2020
As accurate as your mistake with his name has actually proven to be, he went by Thrash, not Trash. Also, you're wrong. Yeah, sure, the music became more hit and miss, but there are plenty of great Orb tracks, singles and albums after 94.

The Orb wildblunthickok

29 mars 2020
Be fair, compare it to one of their own songs instead of a Jean Michael Jarre remix they did.

The Orb Alexx92

5 février 2020
Can't agree with you. Especially listening to things like "Rose Tinted", isn't it beautiful?

The Orb schtel

8 avril 2018
The Orb — a name derived from Woody Allen’s sci-fi film, "Sleepers". [Frank Hoffman, "Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound (2nd Edition)" (Routledge, 2004), p. 778.]

The Orb Rich.C

13 janvier 2017
The Orb is perhaps the best-known name in mainstream Ambient music, and for all the right reasons. Since the end of the 1980s, Alex Paterson and a changing list of collaborators have produced chilled-out, ecstatic grooves and fluffy, flowing remixes for dancers greeting the dawn.
Their output is every bit as brilliant and stunning as the rising sun after a long night of physical flow and endless four/four pounding. Multicolored synth lines run like a watercolor palette in the rain. They layer blissful selections from Pink Floyd, Minnie Riperton, Ennio Morricone and Rickie Lee Jones to create a harmonious pastiche of original music, seamless samples and astute dialog.
...As the Orb's pulsating harmonies weave self-contained ecosystems of sound, delirious beats climb up the mix like vines, heavy with sweet fruit, ready for plucking.

The Orb rankin_arris

4 avril 2021
There should be a “really helpful” button for comments like that

The Orb AndyPandy2000

31 janvier 2016
Always been very keen on both The Orb and Pink Floyd so was very excited and not disappointed by The Orb and Dave Gilmour's 'Metallic Spheres' so why isn't it here?!

The Orb K1tSVW

2 janvier 2016
Has Alex Paterson's reggae collection surfaced on discogs?

The Orb fuchurs

19 mars 2018
What is the name of the person you are supposed to meet? Haile Selassie. Hallie... Selassie. Is there a Haile Selassie here? ...yes!: