Donna Summer usesid

23 juillet 2018
just saw the musical on Broadway!! OMG...what a woman, what a life!! miss her so much.

Donna Summer donnafan73

23 décembre 2017
edité about 1 year ago
I am a Donna Summer remix fanatic. Does anyone know if there are any rare remixes on here? The songs that I especially need remixed are(and I Know there are versions of them) Say a Little prayer,Mistaken Identity, Stop Me, Forgive Me, Lush Life,Heaven's Just a whisper away,One Night in a Lifetime,On My Honor, there will always be a you, People People, Love has a mind of it's own, Woman,Any Way at all, and many on Crayons. I don't think there are remixes of I Believe in Jesus, Let there be peace, Friends Unknown, A Whole new World,Dreamcatcher,, I need time, To turn the stone,You to Me, and others, but if you know of any please let me know. Also if any one knows of mix of Enough is Enough(No more tears) with Donna doing it solo, please let me know. I would love to hear that. She does a great job on it solo on A Blue Lady Live, but, unfortunately, Babs is on the opening of the song.

Donna Summer vpcha76

24 décembre 2018
so yes you're a nazi. Fortunataly remixing music is something you can't do on paintings and other kind of art. But music alows it and it's great. You must have not listened to some remixers works as they are much finalized than the original stuff.

Donna Summer rmxlvr

13 novembre 2018
So you comment to say you don't like remixes and they should had never been created and that they should be removed from everywhere online just because you don't care for them? Are you some kind of nazi? No one is killing the original songs. Remixes are variations of a song. If you don't like them simply don't listen to them. With your rather childish view (and possibly impaired thinking) we should all be able to ask that all stuff we don't like gets destroyed...

Donna Summer giannisvlachos1990

29 juin 2018
First of all, I DON'T care if you're fanatic of these remixes or not! Second of all, I like ONLY the original songs of Donna Summer and of EVERY artist (from every decade and every musical genre genically), NOT the remixes and the audio clips and all these other stuff on YouTube and internet! And third of all, the remixes to the songs of ALL artists from ALL the decades are REALLY destroying and killing the original songs, so these remixes and the audio clips should be FOREVER deleted from YouTube and internet! I'm 100% serious!

Donna Summer beausajore

27 mars 2017
I'm desperately searching for evidence of a 12" mix of Heaven Knows. I can't find any entries on here that match up with Wikipedia's description of a "12" single version, at 6:45, was released, the first verse sung by Summer solo, the remainder with Summer and Esposito.". Examples of this version can also be found on youtube, but I can't seem to find any catalogue entries on here that match up!

Donna Summer One4JW

4 août 2018
That version is available on CD 'Disco Nights Vol. 7: D.J. Pix'. I have not been able to find it on vinyl.

Donna Summer scoobysnac9

17 mai 2018
Just noticed other people replied. The version I have was from a Woolworth's (remember those?!) collection, if you can believe it! But it's only 5.56 mins. She starts solo then the male comes in. I also have a longer version of "One of a kind". (Basically it just repeats itself! lol!) But if you're a die-hard fan, that won't matter! And I always did love that song from the McP Suite the best! If you still need a copy let me know...Cheers!

Donna Summer Vanalleswat

6 février 2018
There's a 5.56 minutes version of "Heaven Knows" on the 2008 Donna Summer compilation "The Collection" with first verse by Donna and from "Down inside, down inside" onwards it's a female/male duet kind of track :)

Donna Summer M.Capochef

6 janvier 2018
you can find it here :
Big Break Records 2010 remastered & expanded Brooklyn Dreams "Sleepess nights" album.
Hope it helps.

Donna Summer donnafan73

23 décembre 2017
YOu should get the link for the youtube version copy and paste it to , and you can have a great quality (320 bpps) MP3 made. Nothing to install.,no registration,totally free. Just go to the site , put in what you want, click the button to convert and then it will tell you download. The song is yours, then. Also if you need any MP3s louder , use , also free, no registration.

Donna Summer Lowry_Sam

5 septembre 2017
I believe it was one of the Casablanca US Promo-only 12"s & perhaps the rarest one. I do remember hearing it back in the day, so it's not a Razormaid/Hot Mix type re-edit done later. It can be found on the DJ Pix: Disco Nights vol. 7 compilation, but that might be an edit, because it fades out.

Donna Summer bubonicfilms

30 juillet 2017
i have an mp3 of this version if that helps??

Donna Summer steveywalker

17 juillet 2017
You'll find a 12" version on Brooklyn Dreams on Itunes. Search for Brooklyn Dreams - Sleepless Nights (bonus track edition)

Donna Summer funk-me

20 juin 2017
Unfortunately Heaven Knows was only released as a 45 only, for some odd reason. A 12" of it and One of a Kind would be very nice

Donna Summer deshining

15 mai 2017
There is a 12" unreleased mix on the Brooklyn Dreams Sleepless Nights CD. Amazon has it listed but there are no times shown. I know there is a version on the original BD lp with reversed vocals.

Donna Summer colin.allen.5268

1 août 2015
Thank you for the music Donna. Youre sadly missed X

Donna Summer colin.allen.5268

1 août 2015
Thanks Paisleyboy...I was a bit suspicious about the Adrian bit...My all time fave female singer...

Donna Summer paisleyboy

15 novembre 2012
oops - it's LaDonna ANDREA Gaines, not 'Adrian' !

Just one of the best singers of all time, her seventies albums with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte are absolute classics, groundbreaking in their day ... We will not see her like again.

love to love you Donna

Donna Summer euromania

25 octobre 2015
ADRIAN. Not Andrea. The end.

Donna Summer picdisc65

15 décembre 2012
edité over 6 years ago
Page 5 of Donna's own autobiography states "I was born LaDonna Adrian Gaines"... Later in the book, she stated that in her private life she was known as Adrian Sudano (her friends and family called her Adrian apparently) and that in her later life/career, the name Donna Summer was merely a stage name.