Hard Rock band formed in 1965 in Hannover, Germany by Rudolf Schenker.
They are a band who experimented with many styles of Rock music including 1970's Hard Rock and 1980's Hair / Glam Metal (Heavy Metal).
Known for their 80's rock anthem, "Rock You Like a Hurricane," as well as other popular songs such as, "No One Like You", "Send Me an Angel", "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change", Scorpions were ranked #46 on VH1's "Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" television program. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is also #18 on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. On January 24, 2010, after 45 years of performing, the band announced that they would be retiring after touring in support of their new album "Sting In The Tail". However, after enjoying the tour they decided to continue. New songs were written and new albums were released. As well touring continued. The band sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Other sources even mention album sales in excess over 150 Million.
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Scorpions - Virgin Killer illustration d'album Scorpions Virgin Killer (Album) Yup Nova Taiwan 1976 Vendre cette version
D-455 Scorpions - LIVE in England' April 30th, 1977 illustration d'album Scorpions LIVE in England' April 30th, 1977(2xLP, Album, Unofficial) Raring Records D-455 US 1977 Vendre cette version
D-544 Scorpions - Live In London illustration d'album Scorpions Live In London(2xLP, Unofficial) GLC Great Live Concerts D-544 1981 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Blackout illustration d'album Scorpions Blackout (Album) IMD (2) Saudi Arabia 1982 Vendre cette version
HP 210480 Scorpions - Hippodrome illustration d'album Scorpions Hippodrome(LP, Album, Unofficial) Keri HP 210480 Germany 1984 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - World Wide Live illustration d'album Scorpions World Wide Live (Album) Aquarius (3) Indonesia 1985 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Like A Hurricane illustration d'album Scorpions Like A Hurricane (Album) Rebirth of TAKRL 1988 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Savage Amusement illustration d'album Scorpions Savage Amusement (Album) Billboard Indonesia 1988 Vendre cette version
SK-02 Scorpions - Behind Enemy Lines illustration d'album Scorpions Behind Enemy Lines(2xLP, Album, Unofficial) Edison McGraw Records SK-02 UK 1989 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Crazy World illustration d'album Scorpions Crazy World (Album, Comp) I.T.M. Records Poland 1990 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Lonesome Crow illustration d'album Scorpions Lonesome Crow (Album) MG Records (2) Poland 1990 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Lovedrive illustration d'album Scorpions Lovedrive (Album) Baron Music Poland 1990 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - In Trance illustration d'album Scorpions In Trance (Album) Tact Poland 1990 Vendre cette version
CAP 1009 Scorpions - Still Loving You illustration d'album Scorpions Still Loving You(CD, Unofficial) Capitol (3) CAP 1009 1990 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - London 1982 illustration d'album Scorpions London 1982 Queen Records (3) Italy 1991 Vendre cette version
Scorpions Taken By Force (Album) MG Records (2) Poland 1991 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Wind Of Change illustration d'album Scorpions Wind Of Change Leopard Italy 1991 Vendre cette version
MM 90019 Scorpions - Teutonic Terror illustration d'album Scorpions Teutonic Terror(CD, Unofficial) Metal Memory Records MM 90019 Europe 1991 Vendre cette version
PLR CD 9131 Scorpions - The Zoo illustration d'album Scorpions The Zoo(CD, Unofficial) Pluto Records PLR CD 9131 Italy 1991 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Frightening illustration d'album Scorpions Frightening (Album) Beech Marten Records Italy 1992 Vendre cette version
OLM 138 Scorpions - Crazy World Vol. Two illustration d'album Scorpions Crazy World Vol. Two(Cass, Unofficial) Over Load OLM 138 Italy 1992 Vendre cette version
OLM 125 Scorpions - Crazy World Vol. One illustration d'album Scorpions Crazy World Vol. One(Cass, Unofficial) Over Load OLM 125 Italy 1992 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Alien Stage illustration d'album Scorpions Alien Stage Nightingale Electric Records 1993 Vendre cette version
Scorpions - Face The Heat illustration d'album Scorpions Face The Heat (Album) MG Records (2) Poland 1993 Vendre cette version
PLAN 036 Scorpions - The King Of Terrors illustration d'album Scorpions The King Of Terrors(CD, Unofficial) Planet-X PLAN 036 Europe 1993 Vendre cette version

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7 novembre 2017
I've got a pretty nice lp,tape & cd collection of 80's heavy metal music but i will have to admit that the Scorps are in my TOP 5 favorite bands of my heavy metal collection.


27 octobre 2016
These guys are phenomenal with Michael Schenker, Uli Roth or Mathias Jabs doing lead. All 3 rock and their progression from Lonesome Crow up to Crazy World is quite the run. I haven't listened to much after that except for Acoustica (which is also great) but this was the main band that took me through my teenage days.

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