Dj Solange (2)

Nom civil:
Maxime Boiron
Coming from South of France, DJ Solange has evolved in Nantes with the Abstrack Family and is now based in Paris where he founded Radio Belleville with Tarek From Belleville and Fernande Légère. He's part of the Good Morning Africa Festival happening each year in Togo, where he produced an EP in 2018 inspired by the sound of Alawogbe, a small village next to the Ghana border. His first EP comes from Abstrack Records, the very own Abstrack's Label signing him and The Balek Band for a split EP as a debut release. His style as a DJ and a Producer knows no borders and is always evolving.

Singles & EPs

ABS001 Dj Solange (2) - Fréquence Pure Vol. 1 illustration d'album Dj Solange (2), The Balek Band Dj Solange (2), The Balek Band - Fréquence Pure Vol. 1(12", EP) Abstrack Records ABS001 France 2018 Vendre cette version