From Maastricht, The Netherlands. Initially called Lady Boys, performing under this moniker since ca. September 2018.
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6 octobre 2021
Certainly one of the most memorable gigs I ever attended was these guys @ Bumann & Sohn in Cologne on March 12th, 2020. I could only go because a literature festival, lit.COLOGNE, had been cancelled completely over COVID just recently which I had work-related tickets for...

I think Bumann & Sohn was under a certain threshold that evening - obviously really stupid and dangerous in hindsight. The day after, Germany, and finally much of the world, I believe, went into lockdown.

It turned out to be the only show they played of that tour, and they knew that when they entered they stage. YĪN YĪN announced "If one person has it, everyone's gonna have it!" in a semi-sarcastic way and really rocked the crowd that night, knowing they had nothing left to do other than the short drive home after the show. I remember one member of YĪN YĪN talking about "one guy who has it" in Maastricht, before or after the show. At the time, there was just one COVID-related death of a German abroad. We had no idea!

No masks, no distance, no nothing. I was washing my hands like 6 times at the venue, each time very vigilantly. We knew nothing about the nature of the virus. It would be another 6 weeks until everyone was masking up properly everywhere.

YĪN YĪN continue to be a great band and I can recommend to check them out live, as well as their record, of course. They were very, very good that night, we were all dancing madly and I assume many who saw this gig, like me, were thinking back to it from time to time, in our socially distanced ways, wondering how and when the next time is gonna be that we can see a band and do so proper.

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