Kaya (born July 17th in Tokushima) is a visual kei vocalist and solo artist. After his first band experience with Meties in the Ehime area, he moved to Tokyo and joined ISOLA. He became well-known in the visual kei scene after founding the electronic music duo Schwarz Stein in 2001. After Schwarz Stein disbanded in early 2004, Kaya eventually pursued a solo career releasing music through his own record label Traumerei. He recently signed a contract with Polystar achieving major status.
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TK-06 Kaya (6) - Carmilla illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Carmilla(CD, Single, Enh, Ltd) トロイメライ TK-06 Japan 2007 Vendre cette version
TK-08 Kaya (6) - Kaya Remix Vol.1 K illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Kaya Remix Vol.1 K(CD, EP, Ltd) トロイメライ TK-08 Japan 2009 Vendre cette version
Kaya (6) - マダムローザの娼館 -媚薬- illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - マダムローザの娼館 -媚薬- (Single) トロイメライ Japan 2010 Vendre cette version
DDCZ-1697 Kaya (6) - Awilda illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Awilda(CD, Single) トロイメライ DDCZ-1697 Japan 2010 Vendre cette version
Kaya (6) - Queen illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Queen (Album) トロイメライ Japan 2011 Vendre cette version
KH-02 Kaya (6) - Recurrence Of Hallucination illustration d'album Schwarz Stein Schwarz Stein - Recurrence Of Hallucination(CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd) トロイメライ KH-02 Japan 2011 Vendre cette version
DQC-9020 Kaya (6) - Glitter illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Glitter(CD, Album, Ltd, RE) トロイメライ DQC-9020 Japan 2012 Vendre cette version
DDCZ-1801 Kaya (6) - Salome illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Salome(CD, Single, Ltd) トロイメライ DDCZ-1801 Japan 2012 Vendre cette version
DQC-829 Kaya (6) - Vampire Requiem illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Vampire Requiem(CD, Single, Ltd) トロイメライ DQC-829 Japan 2012 Vendre cette version
Kaya (6) - Gothic illustration d'album Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - Gothic (Album) トロイメライ Japan 2013 Vendre cette version
TK-16 Kaya (6) Kaya (6) - 夢路(CD, Single + DVD, NTSC + Ltd) トロイメライ TK-16 Japan 2017 Vendre cette version